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Sean Tetsuji Tamura
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love crossing over my favorite anime, games, and all other media, including my own cartoons.

3DS Friend Code: 0903 2746 4625

REQ/COMM: Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

PLEASE read rules and conditions first **located in custom box, under my journals**

Skype: hawke525 (please tell me that you're from DeviantArt if you wanna add me)


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Hawke525 has started a donation pool!
520 / 5,000
I don't have a particular goal....

If you feel kind enough, go ahead and drop in some loose points. Highly appreciated! ^^

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Sonic Battle style Comm.
COMM: Tails Doll by Hawke525
COMM: Oddbrother by Hawke525
Sonic Battle style that Sonic fans love with a simple background. 

Sonic Channel Wallpaper (New Style)
REQ: Randal by Hawke525
COMM: Jiza by Hawke525
COMM: Spark by Hawke525
The more modern version of the Sonic Channel wallpaper.

Additional characters in same wallpaper are 40 points each, give those points through my donation box and note it as additional characters. 
Sonic Channel Wallpaper (Old Style)
Request: Alix by Hawke525
REQ: Amelia by Hawke525
REQ: Mirage by Hawke525
Pencil-Sketchy look that Sonic Channel had.

Additional characters in same wallpaper are 40 points each, give those points through my donation box and note it as additional characters. 
Will be streaming once again on said time and date. This time I'll be using a different site to stream this. Really want to see how this goes. Of course if anything comes up I'll be sure to update!

Here's the link for the new site.…

See ya there!

Sean, out!
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What's up everyone? 

Sean here, haven't done one of these in a while, an actual journal update. But anyways...

**Update from Jul 27, 2014**

**Update from Jul 27, 2014 end**

So far my summer is pretty much smooth sailing so far. There was Anime Expo 2014, along with that voice actor open audition. That was thrilling!

Then recently I've decided to go quit my part-time job by the time I go to Japan on August 13. I've thought about this long and hard throughout a couple of months but the last couple of weeks things (bad thing) just piled up at my workplace, a Hawaiian restaurant, for those who didn't know already. That was the time when I made my decision to do so. Glad my manager was cool with it and even told me I can get Sundays off since a new guy wanted to work. I was gladly obliged. With that I only work one day a week, which is Saturdays. But that's nothing. Going to Japan will be a nice way to close that chapter and leave that workplace. It has been 3 years since I started. Been washing dishing since my first time there. I've been bussing tables for a couple of weeks but definitely mostly part of the kitchen staff. It was nice to receive some tip and have cash in my pocket. But otherwise, because of the complications that occurred, I'm still set on quitting. I'll feel so much more free. Being able to hang out with my friends on ACTUAL WEEKENDS and get better recordings for my YouTube channel! I can set my focus on my YouTube Channel(s) as that's getting me as much money as I make at work anyway and sometimes even more, so the choice is clear. But of course, I'm looking for other part-time jobs, retail to be exact. 

With Japan coming up, I can't wait to eat their food once again! SO GOOOOD! I'll be sure to journal my days in Japan here on DA. 

Also, I just finished GTA V passed this midnight with my friend, Cory. It was awesome! I'll get those episodes up on my 2nd channel!

Now for commissions, I just wanted to put the word out that I'm still open and willing to take in commissions from people. I would highly appreciate it if you guys help spread the word out for my commission lineup, from those people who already commissioned me previously. That would be awesome, thanks!

That's it from me! Thanks for reading!!

Sean, out!
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Sonic Channel Wallpaper REQ/ COMM Rules (PLEASE READ!)

**For those newcomers who will want REQ's in the future. Easy access to the rulez. Sorry for the amount of reading**

So basically I'll do only those two styles of the Sonic Channel wallpapers.

Here are some conditions (I know there's a lot but still)...

1. These will not be calendars, just simply wallpapers (1920 x 1200) for your benefit.

2. Please give me a CLEAR AND COLORED reference (FULL BODY) of your requested character(s), the full name (including their SPECIES/TITLE) and title for the text. Ex. Sonic the Hedgehog

3. I will take breaks from doing these here and there. How long? That will depend how much college and other personal business take my time. This will not mean requests/ comms will end forever unless I say so.

4. Please do not rush me, especially if i get a lot of stuff all at once and i have my own artwork to finish.


6. If you want the request, please specifically mention that you want a requests in the journal's COMMENTS SECTION ONLY. Which journal you ask? The journal that mentions REQ's being open (along with the right date). REQ comments on my main profile page or anywhere else WILL NOT get you a spot.

7. If you would like to do an art trade please let me know, even if i'm full for REQ's. I'll be happy to work something out.

8. Sometimes there's no First Come, First Serve basis. It depends on how easy that REQ is. The asking process is First Come, First Serve to get a spot. But for the most part, i tend to go down the list in order.

**NEW** 9. The wallpapers will only have one character. DOES NOT apply with commissions Sonic Channel style only. 40 points for additional character.

10. No cost for REQ's of course lol. Just add me on ur watchlist and continue to view my work PPPPPLLLLLZZZZ X3!!! That would be most appreciating!

11. I'll take the maximum of 5 REQs on my waiting list. After that, you'll just have to wait until the waiting list goes down to ZERO REQs AND MY SIGN SAYS SO AND I MAKE A NEW REQ JOURNAL. Watching me is the best thing you can do to keep yourself updated on my progress and status. The same goes for commissions as well.

12. i prefer to do FC's; not Sonic, Luffy, Pokemon, whoever, whatever. i'll do those on my own time later. Unless it's an FC+Official character couple thing and it's a character that i won't draw in my usual line-up. I also will not do RECOLORED CHARACTERS! For commissions it's fine but recolored characters are still no good.

13. I'll draw Anthros, humans, w/e... As long as it doesn't involve anything like hentai or w/e that's porno related.

14. There's a new style on the Sonic Channel. With that, PLEASE SPECIFY if you like the old style the new style… If you would like a new STYLE wallpaper, please give me a full color reference for your character.

**IMPORTANT** 15. Please give your character's full title, which style you want, and the link to your character's FULLY BODY REF all in one comment so that it goes by quicker and i don't have to ask questions as much.

16. If you would like to add certain things such as logos, insignias, etc., then let me know in the journal comments as well.

17. There will be a time where i will decline a frequent "customer". That way, newcomers have a chance to get their's. Not so much for commissions.

**NEW** 18. If you want your own REQ to be available as a print through DeviantArt. Let me know via comment or note and I'll upload a bigger version of said REQ. A watermark will be there in the preview version.

**NEW** 19. I accept points or paypal when it comes to commissions. Message me and we can sort this out. I won't start 'em until I get the points.

That's it for conditions, check out my own creations in my gallery for a preview before you make some requests ^^.



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9:33 am
Jul 27, 2014
3:14 am
Jul 27, 2014
2:51 am
Jul 26, 2014
6:45 pm
Jul 25, 2014
10:07 pm


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