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I love crossing over my favorite anime, games, and all other media, including my own cartoons.

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What's up everyone?

Sean here with some updates...

Since I'm free for winter break I got some episodes of my fanfic series to post up after that little hiatus due to technical difficulties. I'll be posting episodes every Saturday. Thanks for your patience. 

Now, I would like to show you a short video i made featuring Yoshi and the Raging Demon. 

Thanks for reading!

Sean, out!
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Sonic Channel Wallpaper (Old Style)
Request: Alix by Hawke525
COMM: Mindorin Hairret by Hawke525
REQ: Mirage by Hawke525
Pencil-Sketchy look that Sonic Channel had.
Sonic Channel Wallpaper (New Style)
REQ: Randal by Hawke525
COMM: Jiza by Hawke525
COMM: Spark by Hawke525
The more modern version of the Sonic Channel wallpaper.
Sonic Battle style Comm.
COMM: Tails Doll by Hawke525
COMM: Oddbrother by Hawke525
COMM:  Albina (SB) by Hawke525
Sonic Battle style that Sonic fans love with a simple background. 

Chibi Style
Chibi Sean by Hawke525
Chibi Andy by Hawke525
Chibi Sonic by Hawke525
Features no background. Additional characters will be 250 points (goes into donations with note "additional characters"). 

I will cover humans AND anthros. OC/Fan characters and Fan art stuff (Sonic and friends; One Piece; etc..) just like other commissions. 
Hype Style
Hype Fan Art- Shovel Mike by Hawke525
Hype Fan Art for Max by Hawke525
Hype Fan Art- Jessica by Hawke525
Similar to Mario Strikers, Street Fighter IV, and even a bit of Wind Waker. Features white background and my logo. 


Sonic XF Episode 198: “End of the Fishman Empire! Nami’s My Friend!”

Previously on Sonic XF, after freeing himself from the water; the epic, destined fight with Knuckles against Arlong has begun. The Shark Fishman has proved himself to be a dangerous adversary. But that didn’t stop Knuckles from landing punches on Arlong. The Fishman then pulls out his giant weapon, the Kiribachi, and Knuckles was on the run. He ends up trapped inside Nami’s room within the pagoda of Arlong Park. Will Knuckles make it out alive? Will the freedom of the entire island, including Nami’s, be restored?

Arlong continues to have his sword pointed at Knuckles’ face with that wide, evil smirk on his face.

Arlong: Heheh…really? You wanna have Nami navigate for your pathetic little crew full of snot-nosed brats? You really no idea how much of a monumental waste of time that would be. Just look… how many people in this world can draw charts of this quality? That young cat has a gift.

Knuckles: …

Knuckles then notices a pen after it drops from the desk and to the ground.  

Arlong: And there’s really nothing as ultimately regrettable as letting natural talent like that go to waste. Staying here and drawing sea charts for me is her only chance of living up to her full potential!

Knuckles has the pen in hand and stares at it. He notices something off about the pen…

Knuckles: This pen…is stained with blood…!

Arlong: In order for me to attain world supremacy, her sea charts are absolutely vital!

Arlong then brings the sword so that Knuckles is between its large teeth.

Arlong: She will continue to draw those charts! For my ambition! And once her charts give me full knowledge of the world’s oceans, we Fishmen will be invincible and the entire world will become our empire! Our first stepping stone is this island…and the East Blue!

Knuckles: …

Arlong: You can never use her like me! She’ll just be a waste with you filthy rats!

Knuckles’ hand twitches after Arlong’s last words. He then puts the pen down. He then grips one of the teeth on the Kiribachi.

Arlong: Hmph.

After a moment of silence…

Arlong: [!!!...What the!? The Kiribachi…it won’t budge!]

Knuckles tightens his grip as his angers becomes more and more visible.

Knuckles: …,..!!!


Arlong: WHAT!?!


Knuckles looks up with eyes full of such rage.

Knuckles: “Use”!?!

Meanwhile outside Arlong Park…

Male Sirian Citizen A: What’s going on? Is the fight still going on!?

Yosaku: Goddammit! Come on, Big Bro Knuckles, please be okay!

Andy: I wish I knew what was going on up there.

Johnny: You and me both, Big Bro.

Nami: Knuckles…

Knuckles: You bastard…!!! What do you take her for!?!

Arlong: Shahahah. She may be an inferior cat, but she risen far above her peers. She really is a feisty one, adorable at that. She has her place and it’s beside me. Can’t you see that? I can get her EVERYTHING she wants! She needs! All she has to do, is continue draw marvelous charts for me! Nami…will forever be my tool, no…my friend. SHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! SHAAAAAHHAHAHAHAH!!!


Knuckles suddenly punches Nami’s desk out the building.

Sonic and friends: !!?!

Mark: What is that!?

After a moment…

Cory: A desk…

Tails: A desk?

Johnny and Yosaku: Whew…just a desk.

Yosaku: Man, that scared the hell outta me. I thought that was Big Bro Knuckles for sure.

Andy: Hey hold on! That’s the last thing I wanna hear! You lost faith in him or something!? You take that back!

Yosaku: That’s not what I was saying!

Andy and Yosaku continue to argue in the background while Nami looks on, locking her eyes on that flying desk.

Nami: Knuckles?

Knuckles then punches one of the shelves out of the building.

Arlong: What’re you think you’re doing!?!

Knuckles continues to punch out many of the furniture in Nami’s room.

Tails: What’s going on in there!?

Sonic: …

Nami: ….!!!

She continues to stare at the furniture crashing out of the building.


Arlong: Alright! As of today, this is your room! Your desk, your pens… Everything you’ll need is in here!

**flashback ends**

Nami: …

Arlong: STOP IT NOW!!!

Arlong swings his sword and Knuckles dodges it, cutting a large stack of charts instead.

Arlong: No! The charts!!

Knuckles: HUH!

Knuckles punches large stacks of charts out of the building.

Arlong: My charts!!!

Nami: …

Nami continues to recall the horrible memories of herself working under Arlong.


Arlong holds her down on her desk.

Arlong: Dumb cat, don’t you think ever you can trick me that easily. Trying to draw up fake charts on me!

Arlong then backhands Nami to the ground.

Nami: UGH!!!

Arlong takes something from her desk and stares at it.

Arlong: I can’t believe you waste your time drawing crap like this in secret.

Nami: !!!

Arlong holds it out towards Nami, revealing a drawing of Watari.

Arlong: Try to fool me again and I’ll execute villagers for every mistake you make as you watch them! Just like him! **rips drawing**

Nami: …..!!!!


**flashback ends**

Nami: ….

Arlong pins Knuckles to the wall.

Arlong: DAMN YOU! That was eight years worth of work! EIGHT YEARS!!!

We see furniture crashing down towards the ground.


Nami (whimpering): Watari…Everyone…!!

Knuckles continues to punch the walls even with Arlong’s grip around his neck.

Knuckles: MURAAH!!!

Nami: ….

Chris: This is an intense fight…!

Amy: Just standing her and watching is taking a toll on me.

Kyo: Same here.

Johnny: A fight to the death.

Andy: For sure.

The maps rain down and Nami is in tears, trying to hold back her overwhelming emotions.

Nami: Knuckles….Thank you…!

Genzo and Nojiko: ….!

Dr. Nako: …!

Cory: ….

Sean: …

Tails: …!

Andy and the others: ….!

Sonic: …


Arlong has his teeth sunken into Knuckles’s neck and shoulder.

Knuckles: Agghh…..!!!!


Knuckles grips Arlong’s saw nose with both hands and tries bend it.

Knuckles: You keep jabbering on, about how much better Fishmen are! “Sea charts” this, “sea charts” that. I’m damn tired of hearing that crap! It’s time…that I save her!!! RRRGGGHHH!!!

Arlong: !!!!

Knuckles’s hands bleed but he does not care and finally bends it.

Arlong: GYAAAAAGGH!!! **falls to ground**


Knuckles: This room is nothing but a prison! There’s only one way to escape! I’ve gotta tear this place down!

Arlong: Don’t you get cocky, Echidna! It cannot be brought down by some inferior beings!

Knuckles prepare to attack the pagoda. Arlong fixes his nose without flinching from the pain.

Knuckles: BRUTE FORCE….!!!!

Arlong: SHARK ON….!!!!

Arlong spins his body with his jaws wide mouth as he leaps towards Knuckles.

Knuckles: …PUNCH!!!!


Arlong’s spin added torque to his bite, bringing further pain.



Knuckles manages to brings his powerful fish down on Arlong’s back. The force of the punch cracks the entire floor as Arlong slams to the floor.  


Arlong (spits up blood): BUWAAGH!!!

Knuckles: RRAAAAAHH!!!!!

Arlong manages summon enough strength to chomp down on Knuckles once more.

Knuckles: AAAAGGGH!!!!

The floor collapses and Arlong brings Knuckles down with him. The pagoda shakes violently as Knuckles and Arlong both crash through every floor. At the first floor, Arlong crashes into a table while Knuckles violently bounces into a pile of broken glass and debris. Dust spews out from the bottom of the building.

Citizens: !!!?!

Sonic Team: !!!?!

The top piece of the pagoda, bearing Arlong’s flag, comes crashing down.

Arlong is seen lying on the table in defeat, having his nose bent once more. Knuckles manages to regain consciousness and barely stands up.  

Knuckles (breathing hard): …..!

Then, the pagoda begins to rumble violently.

Knuckles: ….!

Dr. Nako: Oh no! Arlong Park is coming down!

The main building begins to crack.


The citizens run away as the pagoda gives in.

Sonic (grabbing Nami): Nami! Hurry! We gotta go now!

Nami: But Knuckles’s still inside!

Sonic: Come on!

Nami: He’s still--!


Arlong Park tears and falls part violently, kicking up much dust and debris.

Nami: KNUCKLES!!!!

Arlong Park is no longer standing. Only now, a giant spewing plume of dust remains.

Nami: ….!!!

Sonic Team: ….!!!

Nami: Knuckles….!

Cory, Nojiko, and Genzo pop out from the water.

Cory: Knuckles…

Meanwhile, Sean has fallen asleep even after that violent explosive conclusion of Arlong Park.

Sean: Zzzz…!

Then, a large piece of the wall above Sean’s head breaks off and falls on his face.

Sean: AGH!

Sean gets a nasty wake-up call.

Sean: Agh…..!!! Ow! What the hell?? What’s with all the noise?? **looks up** Huh?

The skies clear up and we see blue once again.

Sean: Knuckles….

Johnny and Yosaku: ….

Nojiko and Genzo: ….

Dr. Nako: ….

Sonic Team: ….

The dust clears up and we now see Arlong Park as an enormous pile of rubble.

Dr. Nako: Arlong Park…has fallen.

Johnny: Big Bro…!

Kyo: I just wonder…what went on in there?

Mark: You and me both.

Cory: We gotta know who won!?

Genzo: All that debris… it looks like…

Tails: Come on, Knuckles…!

Nami: ….!!!

The rays of sunshine rain down upon the pile. Then, on top of the pile, comes out Knuckles, standing, alive and well.

Nami: It’s Knuckles!!

Johnny and Yosaku (comically crying): BIIIGGGG BRRROOOOOO KNUUUCCCCKLESSS!!!!!

Tails: Knuckles!

Mark: What’s up? He’s just standing there.

Knuckles (breathing hard): ….! **inhales air** …NAMI!!!!

Nami: …!!?!

Sonic Team: !!?!


Nami: …..!!!!

Nami begins to tear up after Knuckles’ bold words.

Nami: …..Yeah…!!!

Sean, Cory, and Tails (smiling): Hah.

Sonic Team (smiling): …

Citizens: …!!!

Male Mobian Villager A: He won!? Knux really won!?

Genzo: He won…!

Dr. Nako: Knuckles won!

Andy: !!!!!...

Andy and the others: KNUCKLES WON!!!!

The crowd roars in cheer for Knuckles’ miraculous victory.


Nojiko and Genzo: !!!!

Cory: WE WON!!!

Cory tries to hug Nojiko but misses as she hugs Genzo instead.

Nojiko: He did it!!!

Genzo: Nojiko…pinch me…. I must be dreaming!!! I never thought this day would ever come…!


Later, we find the villagers throwing Knuckles up repeatedly to celebrate his victory against Arlong.


Tails flies upward as he shows his excitement.

Tails: YEAH! He did it!!!

Cory comes into the scene.

Cory: Why don’t you beat the bad guys a little quicker next time?? You almost gave me a heart attack, ya red bastard!

Sonic: Hey!

Andy: You guys were awesome too, ya know! Including you, Tails!

Tails: Ahehehe!

Nami approaches towards Knuckles.

Tails and Cory (smiling): Hahaha! **notices Nami** Ah?

Then, Knuckles slips from the crowds’ fingers and falls the ground.

Knuckles: OOF!!

Citizens: Huh??

Instead of the grumpiness from Knuckles, he actually laughs it off.

Knuckles: Hahahaha! Ow…

Nami gives Knuckles a shove to get his attention.

Knuckles: !?!

Nami (smiling): ….

Knuckles stands up and they give each other a big high-five.

Tails: Haha!

Cory (grinning): …

Knuckles: Hahaha.

Nami: Ahahaha!

Capt. Nezumi: Hold it right there!

Male Sirian Citizen B: Damn it’s him!

Nezumi and his Marines show up.

Capt. Nezumi: Chichichi! What a lucky day today is! Well done. I watched the entire fight. Good work I must say. I can only assume that your victory was some sort of bizarre accident. Never thought that Fishmen like them would ever lose to a bunch of brats like you. However, now that Arlong is out of the picture, I’ll be taking all the money I was SUPPOSED to give to him, in addition to ALL the treasure within Arlong Park. Now drop your weapons! I, Captain Nezumi of Marine Branch #16, hereby take ALL credit for--!

Someone from behind grabs Nezumi by the collar.

Nezumi: GYAAAGGH!!!


Sean is indeed the one behind him.

Andy: Sean!

Sean: Trying to rain down on the parade? That’s just plain rude.

Sean gives the Marines a brutal beating.


All the Marines are comically beaten down.

Capt. Nezumi: Lay a finger on me… just try it…you’ll be sorry….!!! I promise you….!

Cory: He’s still talking?

Knuckles and Nami approach to the Marine Captain and Nami lowers to Nezumi and puts her hand on Nezumi’s face.

Nami: This is for shooting Nojiko and tearing up Bellemere’s tangerine orchard.

Knuckles: And also locking up me up to be sold.

Capt. Nezumi: Huh?


They whack the Captain across the face, at the same time, so hard that he skips across the water.

Marine A: Captain!!

Knuckles and Nami: …

Nojiko: Thanks, guys. **winks** That felt good!

Genzo: A thousand more and we’ll call it even!

Capt. Nezumi emerges from the water…

Capt. Nezumi: BUWAGH!

Nami begins to yank on the Nezumi’s whiskers.

Capt. Nezumi: GYAGH!!!

Nami: What you’re gonna do, is clean up after those Fishmen! Then you’re gonna help rebuild the town of Gosa! And never ever lay a finger on any of the money or valuables in Arlong Park! That belongs to the island! Got it!?

Capt. Nezumi: OW OW! Y-yeah! I’ll do whatever you say!

Nami: And one more thing….



Capt. Nezumi: I promise…! I promise! I’ll give it all back! Every killi!

Moments later, Nami releases Nezumi and the rat goes off swimming with his Marines.

Capt. Nezumi: Who’s the leader of you rotten brats!?!

Sonic: That’ll be me, Whiskers.

Capt. Nezumi: You must be Sonic, right!?! Mark my freakin words, Hedgehog! Major things are gonna happen! You’ve made me mad! You’ll regret it! I swear it!!! I’ll get my revenge just you see!!!! **swims off**

And the Marines are gone…

Cory: Major things are gonna happen??

Steve: W-wait hold on! Are we gonna be in super big trouble or what!? What’re we gonna do!?

Mark: Hahaha I can’t wait!

Steve (comically mad): That’s nothing to be smiling about!

Dr. Nako: Hey what’re we waiting for, everyone!? Now’s not the time to keep this to ourselves! We need to tell everyone on the island this miracle!

Citizens: YEAAAAH!!!!

Later, the citizens run out with Arlong’s flag in hand as they roar in cheer.

Andy: Hey Sean, what’s that on your chest?

Sean: Huh?

Andy: Made you look! Hahaha!

Sean: Ow! What’re you-!?!

Tails: Hahaha!

Sonic and Cory (grinning): Hah.

Nami: Ahahaha!

Knuckles: Hahahha.

Nami: Hey, Knuckles?

Knuckles: Hm? What is it, Nami?

Nami: Heh, thank you.

Knuckles (blushing): !... You don’t have to thank me, ya know?

Nami then gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Knuckles (flustered): !!!!!

Sonic and the others: OOohhh!

Knuckles (flustered): Aw, geez, you guys! It’s not like that!!

Nami: Ahahaha! Look at you, Knuckles, now you’re completely red.

Cory (comically amorous): Sweet Nami! Can I get a kiss too!?

Knuckles (comically mad): Would you shut up!?!

Sonic and the others: Hahahahaha!

Nojiko, Genzo, and Dr. Nako gaze at Knuckles, Nami, and their friends.

Nojiko: Good for you, little brother.

Genzo: To think, our island was saved by a bunch of kids, including our very own Knuckles. The world is strange.

Genzo recalls all the horrible memories starting from Arlong’s beginning, to Nami’s suffering.

We now see the defeated Arlong and his three officers. Our heroes continue to smile and laugh.

Dr. Nako: Now, Bellemere’s spirit can finally be at peace.

Later in the day, we find the Mobian Mouse Marine back at his base.

Capt. Nezumi: Headquarters!? Hello!?!

HQ Marine: Yes. This is Marine Headquarters.

Capt. Nezumi: Headquarters! Right! Good! Hello! This is Captain Nezumi of Marine Branch #16! Marine Code 00733! I have a request!

HQ Marine: There’s no reason to shout. I can hear you—

Capt. Nezumi: Listen! There’s a Blue Hedgehog who might be a pirate! His name is Sonic! I deem him and his crew of brats as enemies of the World Government!

HQ Marine (writing): “Sonic”…Alright.

Capt. Nezumi: They managed to take down Arlong, the purportedly invincible Fishman of Arlong Park! They base a grave threat! A large bounty should be placed on their captain, Sonic the Hedgehog! Transmitting photograph.

HQ Marine: Roger.  

At HQ, the Marine receives and has a bewildered look on his face.

HQ Marine: HUH?

Capt. Nezumi yells at his fellow Marine for the apparently lousy photo.

Capt. Nezumi: Couldn’t you have taken a better on than that!?

Marine B: No, that’s all I got, Sir.

HQ Marine: Okay. After a quick verification, I’ll send it in for approval, Sir.

Capt. Nezumi: Good! Don’t forget, he’s a wanted pirate, dead or alive! I want his face on posters, all over the world!!!

We see Sonic in the poster, with that usual smirk plus a wink on his face.

-- To be continued.
What's up everyone?

Sean here with some updates...

Since I'm free for winter break I got some episodes of my fanfic series to post up after that little hiatus due to technical difficulties. I'll be posting episodes every Saturday. Thanks for your patience. 

Now, I would like to show you a short video i made featuring Yoshi and the Raging Demon. 

Thanks for reading!

Sean, out!
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