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I love crossing over my favorite anime, games, and all other media, including my own cartoons.

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What's up everyone? Sean here...

I wanted to make a special shoutout a friend of mine, :iconkaich3:

We share similar passions for not only art but also things such as gaming. 

He's also got some awesome artwork. Check him out and see his commissions, especially for those who love traditional art.

Thanks for reading, guys!

Sean, out
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Sonic Channel Wallpaper (Old Style)
Request: Alix by Hawke525
COMM: Mindorin Hairret by Hawke525
REQ: Mirage by Hawke525
Pencil-Sketchy look that Sonic Channel had.
Sonic Channel Wallpaper (New Style)
REQ: Randal by Hawke525
COMM: Jiza by Hawke525
COMM: Spark by Hawke525
The more modern version of the Sonic Channel wallpaper.
Sonic Battle style Comm.
COMM: Tails Doll by Hawke525
COMM: Oddbrother by Hawke525
COMM:  Albina (SB) by Hawke525
Sonic Battle style that Sonic fans love with a simple background. 

Chibi Style
Chibi Sean by Hawke525
Chibi Andy by Hawke525
Chibi Sonic by Hawke525
Features no background. Additional characters will be 250 points (goes into donations with note "additional characters"). 

I will cover humans AND anthros. OC/Fan characters and Fan art stuff (Sonic and friends; One Piece; etc..) just like other commissions. 
Hype Style
Smash Art: Mario by Hawke525
Smash Art: Sonic by Hawke525
Smash Art: Mega Man by Hawke525
Similar to Mario Strikers, Street Fighter IV, and even a bit of Wind Waker. Features white background and my logo. 


What's up everyone? Sean here...

I wanted to make a special shoutout a friend of mine, :iconkaich3:

We share similar passions for not only art but also things such as gaming. 

He's also got some awesome artwork. Check him out and see his commissions, especially for those who love traditional art.

Thanks for reading, guys!

Sean, out
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Sonic XF Episode 205: “Passionate Cooking Battle!”

Cory has just been found by a mysterious female.

Female Voice: Cory! I’ve finally found you!

Cory: Hm?

The young woman dances flamboyantly, in a Spanish style…

Young Woman (poses): …for ten long years!

After a moment of long silence…

Two silhouetted males appear behind her…

Mysterious Man A: Behold the amazing Carmen!

The other man speaks with a Spanish accent.

Mysterious Man B: The greatest cook in the East Blue!

Carmen: I am the woman of passion! People call me Fiery Carmen!

Carmen and the others: OLE!

Mysterious Man A: I am Carmen’s first apprentice, Leo!

Leo is a short man whose face is considered handsome. His rather large and blocky facial structure does not compliment his looks.

Mysterious Man B: And I am her second, Jose! **huffs like bull**

Jose is also short, though taller than Leo. He is rounder but most distinctive of all is his unusually large nostrils; so large that one can easily mistaken them for eyes.


They pose with passion and the silence still ensues.

Cory: …. **comically amorous, kneels** YOU ARE BEAUTY ITSELF!!!

Citizens: EEHH!!!??!!

Andy and Knuckles: Umm…?

Carmen: …!?

- Cory: It is my deepest dream come true! Yes! Beauty has come searching for me!

She is approached by Cory and he holds her hand.

Cory (kneels, comically amorous): It is the greatest of pleasures to meet you, wonderful Carmen!

Leo: !!?!

Carmen (taking out frying pan): Don’t you dare!!!


Cory: !!!

Cory takes it square in the face.

Andy and Knuckles (flinches): Ohh..!

Cory’s nose is bleeding but he’s still falling for Carmen.

Cory: Oh my…! You are so passionate! But tell me, Carmen, how is it that you know me?

Carmen: Jose! Leo! Tell the tale.

Leo and Jose: Ma’am!

Leo uses his long spatula to give Cory a book of some kind.  

Cory: Umm…

Cory sees a book full of photos of chefs.

Cory: Okay… they’re all cooks…

Jose (upclose): YES!! True.

Cory has Jose’s spit all over his face.

Cory (grossed out): …..

Jose: These are all famous cooks in the East Blue.

While Cory wipes his face.

Carmen: And the great Carmen has defeated them. Every single one of them!

Carmen: Yes, I truly am the greatest cook in the East Blue.

We see a montage of Carmen being overly passionate while cooking. But with that, she does create rather exquisite dishes.

Carmen (narrating): The cooks who have challenged me have all been disappointing simpletons. And I was beginning to think the East Blue had nothing more to offer. No one left to challenge my cooking skills. However! I came across an article that featured the Baratie, the sea restaurant from when you still worked there. A cook there said that the Sous Chef there was the No. 1 cook in the East Blue. He said that in all his years in the business, he had never met your equal!


Carmen: From that moment, I have long searched for you…for ten years!

Jose: Actually it’s been 10 days.

Leo: Carmen tends to exaggerate.

Carmen: Shut your mouths!


She hits both of them to the ground with her frying pan.

Cory: …

Carmen: Now! **points** I challenge you, Cory!

Cory: …!

Carmen: If you dare bring yourself to the Cooking Competition at one this afternoon, you will be mince meat, with garlic on oil, in a hot pan! AAAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

Carmen spins herself so much that he actually creates a rising cyclone.

Cory: !?!

Andy and Knuckles: !?!


Carmen then stops spinning…

Cory and the others: !!?!

Carmen is actually on the ground still and is dizzy.

Carmen: Ahahaha….

Leo and Jose take her away as they run from the scene.

Leo: Well then! We’ll see you later!

Cory (comically amorous): Wow, Carmen… Finally a woman with the same passion and desire!

A random citizen speaks to Cory…

Carpenter: So kid, are you gonna compete?

Cory: Huh? Nah. I don’t like contests.

Carpenter: Hmm…

Cory: Come on, guys. Let’s go.

Andy: Wait you serious!? You should go!

Meanwhile, Richie waiting outside an Italian restaurant, meaning the Buggy Pirates are inside the place. With music in the background, filling the fine dining atmosphere. Buggy is seen scarfing on his meal. Mohji is sitting with him eating as well.

Buggy (eating): Damn that Blue Hedgehog! I can’t believe I can’tfind him anywhere on this entire island!

Mohji: Hey, Cap’. I’ve been meaning to ask, why are we wearing cloaks??

Buggy (after drinking liquor): You stupid or something!? There’s a Marine captain named Smoker in this town. We can’t have him involved or I’ll never get my revenge! Ergh! This sucks! **hits table** Go and find the Blue Hedgehog before I lose it!

Meanwhile, Sonic is across the place eating with Sean and his group.

Sonic: Whew, I’m stuffed!

Mark: This town is gonna be the last for a while I bet. So we gotta eat good!

Sean (pouring a drink): Got that right. They got the right kind of liquor too.

Justin: Well here’s the bill. Time to pay up.

Sonic: Uh, you happen to have enough cash, right?

Sean: **gulps!!** You don’t have any money!?!

Sonic: Yeah, not enough anyway.

Kyo (looking in his wallet): Oh no! This is bad.

Mark: Well Sean ordering himself liquor didn’t help either!

Sean: Like I knew Sonic was broke!

Sonic: Hahahaha! We’re sure poor!

Meanwhile, Buggy continues pounding the table out of pure anger.

Buggy: ARGH! I hate that damn Hedgehog! I’ll crush him like a rat the next I see his ugly face! I’ll crush him!!

Kyo: How are we gonna pay for this meal!?

Justin: This is really bad.

Ryu: …

Buggy keeps pounding and we see a fork slipping under Buggy’s bag of killies.

Sonic: Maybe I can use my fame to get us out of this.

Kyo: You can’t do that, Sonic-san!

Sonic: Hehehe!

Buggy: I’m swear he’ll pay!!!

That last pound sends the bag flying, unbeknownst to Buggy. That bag then lands in front of Sonic.

Sonic: Huh?

Sonic checks it and sees some coins inside.

Sonic: Oohh, whoa! How lucky! Hah!

Sonic turns around and sees the cloaked Buggy next to him.

Sean: Hm?

Sonic: Hey, you didn’t have to buy us are lunch! Thanks!

Buggy: Agggh…

Sonic returns the bag and takes a coin while Buggy still sulks in anger.

Buggy: …

Sonic: Thanks.

Sean (pats Buggy’s shoulder): Yeah, thanks a lot, buddy.

Kyo (bowing): Thank very much for your kind generosity!

Sean: Come on, Kyo!

Kyo: I’m coming!

Buggy: Yeah…you’re welcome…

Sonic and the others leave the place after paying.

Waiter: Come again!

Sonic: We will!

Buggy: That voice….! I know that voice!

Mohji (eating): Oh yeah, I think that was the Blue Hedgehog guy. They’re nice people though…

Buggy (comically mad): One more bite and you die…!!!

Mohji: ….!!!

Outside, Sonic and the others leave the scene while Richie still waits outside.

Buggy (off-screen): Don’t just sit there! Go after him you FLASHY IDIOT!!!

Richie: !!!!!

Mohji (off-screen): YES SIR!!!

Mohji pops out…

Mohji: Wh-which way did he go!?!

Richie: ???

We are now by the seafood market by one of the many docks. Cory is found standing by the staircase where it leads to the market. Andy and Knuckles are standing by him. They appear to have finished their ice cream by now.

Cory: A market, huh?

Cory sees all the variety of seafood ingredients, especially fish.

Cory: Logue Town’s market is incredible! They have everything that a chef would ask for!

Andy: Man, that’s a lot of fish down there!

Cory: Let’s go.

Later, Cory walks up to a crate full of premium fish in ice while Andy and Knuckles look around.

Cory: These are superb!

Fishmonger: You have a good eye, young man! You’re looking at some coastal fish that we caught this morning.

Cory: Coastal fish? **picks one up** They’re certainly firm and fresh are you sure they were caught in the East Blue?? I’ve never seen them before, what kind of fish did you say they were?

Fishmonger: Ahh, you definitely know your seafood. You are correct, these fish are different, they’re from the West Blue! People from the East Blue don’t know this type of fish.

Cory: The West Blue? Then why do you call them coastal fish?

Fishmonger: Young man, is this your first time here?

Cory: Uh, yeah…

Fishmonger (picks one up): Just look at this! You won’t find fish like these in the East Blue, but we got TONS of them! You can pull them out of the water all day long!

Cory: So how does that happen?

Fishmonger: Crossing ocean currents bring fish from all the other seas. Logue Town is just in the right place. I’m Sapi, by the way. What’s your name, young man?

Cory: Cory. Nice to meet you. **shakes hands**

Then, we here the shock and awe from the surrounding townspeople.

Cory: Hm?

Andy and Knuckles: Huh?

Behind the Fishmonger we see a big crowd of people in front of a boat.

Fishmonger: Hey, sounds like they caught something good. Let’s go check it out.

Cory: Andy, Knuckles, come on!

Cory, his group, and Sapi go through the crowd to see what was caught.

Sapi: So, what is it? **sees it** WHA!?! HOLY--!!!

Cory: !?!

We see a large fish, about the size bigger than a surfboard, resembling bluefin tuna, with a small elephant-like trunk for a nose.

Andy: Whoa! What is that!?

Knuckles: Some huge fish!

Sapi: Nice catch! That’s an elephant bluefin tuna!

Fisherman A: That’s right! It probably got mixed in from the South Blue. I got it with just pole and line!

Sapi: Pole and line!?

Cory: Elephant…Bluefin tuna!?

Fisherman A: Okay then, haul it away!

Cory: Wait! Just a sec!

Fishermen: Huh?

Cory: How much for it!? I’ll buy it off of you!

Fisherman A: What?

Cory: I got money! Please let me buy that tuna!

Fisherman A: I’m sorry, but I can’t sell this one. This fish is going to be the grand prize for the cooking competition. Sorry, kid.

Cory: A prize?

Sapi: That’s right! The annual cooking contest happens today! So, cooks from all over the East Blue will gather here. And this fish is the prize for the victor!

Fisherman A: It is an elephant bluefin tuna after all. Any champion cook would be honored to have it as a prize!

Sapi: If you really want it, then you should enter the contest! You are a cook aren’t ya?

Cory: Yeah…

Sapi: Registration is right over there. You should go for it if you want the tuna. I’d hurry up though, it’ll close soon, young man. I’ll see ya! **leaves scene**

The fishermen take the tuna away for the contest.

Displeased from the idea of competing, Cory is in confliction.

Cory: ….Cooking contest, huh?

Andy: Come on, Cory! You should go for it!

Knuckles: Yeah! You’re a great cook! Let’s get that tuna for the guys!

Cory: ….

Cory remembers Carmen wanting to challenge him…

Cory: Oh well… **smirks** Let’s do it.

Later, we see some fireworks as the contest is well on its way to start. Sapi appears to be the host for the contest.

Sapi: Welcome to the annual cooking contest! Where famous cooks from all over the East Blue gather here to compete! I, Sapi, as host, would like to welcome you all to the contest!

Behind the big crowd, we find Tails and the others. Tails hovers over to see.

Nami: What a crowd! I wonder what’s going on…

Cream is seen sitting on Steve’s shoulders to see.

Sapi: This year’s grand prize is the rare and amazing elephant bluefin tuna! It’s the gem of the ocean! A miracle food! Who will win this truly, spectacular prize!

Cory sits by the table, awaiting for the contest while Andy and Knuckles hang around.

Andy: You got this, man! I know you’ll win.

Knuckles: We’ll be sure to cheer you on, Cory.

Cory: Thanks, guys.

Carmen: Ahahaha! The winner will be me!

Cory’s ear twitches…

Andy and Knuckle: Huh?

Carmen: I’m so glad you decided to show, Cory!


Carmen is sitting on a fancy chair sided by her apprentices, Leo and Jose.

Carmen: The title of East Blue’s Greatest will be mine! This time, I’ll finally prove my real abilities! This will be fun! I’ve never had REAL competition before.

Cory suddenly is kneeling before Carmen, holding her hand.

Cory (comically amorous): Oh, my Carmen! It’s so good to see you again! **goes for kiss** A kiss for our reunion!

Carmen: Don’t you dare!!


Carmen hits Cory in the face once again with her frying pan.

Cory: !!!!

Andy and Knuckles: Uuggh…

Cory: Yeah, that’s the fiery passion  I crave!

Tails and the others walk by in the crowd and spot Cory and his group.

Cory: Hey! Look over there! Cory’s there!

Tails: Huh?

Steve: Andy and Knuckles are there too!

Amy: Really?? That’s awesome!

Chris: I don’t see why not.

Meanwhile after Cory is pushed away by Leo and Jose while the blonde cook blows his kisses.

Tails: Hey, Cory! You guys!

Steve: Over here!

Cory: OH NAMI! YOU CAME! Even you Amy and Cream! You all came here to watch me!?!

Carmen: ….

Nami: Well we were walking by.

Steve: So what made you enter this contest, Cory?

Cory: When did you guys show up??

Steve (comically mad): WE CALLED YOU OUT FIRST!!!

Tails: Ahahaha…

Andy: Hey, what’s up, guys?

Cream: Mr. Andy! Mr. Knuckles!

Sapi: WHO’S READY TO START THE CONTEST!?! These’re the judges, handpicked including one from our local crowd! Say hello to Sam, who was on his way home to sleep off his daugther’s wedding reception!

Sapi: You ready, Sam?

Sam: Yeah! Let’s go!!

Sapi: The rules are very simple. Each cook will compete each other in blind draw, head-to-head, elimination round! The cook with the highest score wins! The winner of the finals will be the new East Blue champ! First up we have the most easternmost of these seas represented by none other than, Shumai the Lizard! Representing our very own town, we have Brocoli! READY!? LET’S GO!


Tails: So, Cory. Do you really want to be known in the East Blue as No.1 cook??

Cory: Nah, nothing stupid like that. All I’m after is that fish.

Tails: A fish?

Amy: Wow, that fish looks really different from the others.

Nami: That’s a nice lookin’ fish.  

Cory: Oh yeah, it is. The hardest part is how am I gonna cook that fish…

Tails and the others: Hm?

We see a montage of all the matches, we of course see Carmen winning her way through the bracket while our cooking hero, Cory does the same as well. His friends cheer him on while Carmen gazes at him with such passion. That same passion is shown as she cooks as well.

Sapi: Now at last! It’s the final match!


Steve: Wow, these people are really excited.

Amy: Yeah, you’re right.

Sapi: With his distinctive skills, we have a young newcomer, Cory for the finals!

Cory: …

Sapi: Facing Cory is a woman of passion and culinary skills, Carmen!

Cory: …!

Cory with his comical flirtiness, waves at Carmen.

Cory: Hi~!

Carmen: Hmph!

Sapi: Who will win the glorious elephant bluefin tuna!? Let the finals begin!


Carmen passionately starts to go for carrots.

Carmen (flamboyantly): Time to rinse!

Carmen then starts peeling the carrots rapidly.

Carmen: Aaahahahaha!

Sapi: Carmen’s showing much showmanship she’s doing something relatively simple! Meanwhile her cheerleaders are trying to distract her opponent! How is he doing?

Tails and the others: …!?

Cory is rapidly fileting fish with that cool, collective look on his face.

Sapi: He’s rockin’! The kid’s showing off some amazing skills with a knife!

Carmen (filling up water angrily): ….!

Sapi: While calm and quiet, Cory appears to be preparing some delectable delights!

Cory cracks many eggs in one hand and whisks it up in a bowl.

Cory: ….

Cory is so quiet that it actually people to be concerned.

Crowd: ….??

Tails and the others: ….!?

Cory has some flashbacks running in his mind about his dream being impossible to achieve. While at that, Cory goes chopping onions.

Cory: [I know it’s only a theory to this day. The North Blue, South Blue, East Blue and West Blue… They shouldn’t be able to mix because they’re separated by the Red Line continent from north to south. Also the ocean current in the Grand Line goes from east to west. A place where you can find fish from all four seas at once, should be impossible. However…]

Cory starts mixing all the chopped veggies.

Cory: [How do you explain the fish from West Blue winding up here and that tuna? That geezer might not have been telling just stories. I don’t have a choice, I have to look for it in the Grand Line. I’ll find it for sure, the All Blue!]

Cory then starts putting wine into steaks on the frying pan, kicking up some fire.

Carmen: !!?!

Tails and the others: !?!

Leo and Jose: !!?!

Sapi: Looks like Cory is moving on to the final steps of his preparations!

Cory is also cooking up some stew as well.

Carmen sets up her plates with such passion.

Sapi: Carmen appears to be almost ready as well. Setting up her plates for her passionate dish!


Knuckles: YEAH GO GET ‘EM!

Sapi: This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Who will win the elephant bluefin tuna!?!

Cory then flips his steaks high into the air.

Crowd: !!?!

Cory then catches them via plates with style.

Crowd: YEAAAH!!!

Sapi: My goodness, Cory’s done it!!! Cory’s preparations are complete! And here comes Carmen with her final touches!

Crowd: YEAAAH!!!

-- Sapi: The dishes are all complete! Who will win!?! It’s all up to the judges!



**scene change**

Later, we find the judges having to cast their vote. One judge speaks on their behalf.

Cory: …

Judge: Well then, here goes. The winner of this year’s cooking championship is…Cor-!

Carmen: WAIT!!

Tails and the others: !!?!

Carmen stands up and has Cory in her sights.

Cory: Hm?

Carmen calmly walks up to the young cook.

Leo and Jose: Huh?

Carmen: I can’t forgive myself…

Cory: Huh?

Carmen: I can’t believe I thought I could beat you…!

Crowd: !!?!

Carmen (holding back tears): I watched you cook when you were young. You seem driven even back then. They wouldn’t let me in the kitchen like you. And that made me so resentful…! But… I’ve trained so hard for five years, that’s why I wanted to find you and show you what I’ve learned! But after all this time, you’ve only gotten better. I don’t know what made thought that I could beat you!

Leo and Jose: ….!

Carmen: The truth is…You beat me. You're the one who cooks with true passion! Your dishes are delicious! You ARE the No. 1 cook in the East Blue, Cory.

Judge (grins): Hm…

Cory: Heh….**stands up, now comically amorous** CARMEN! That’s the best compliment anyone’s ever given me!

Carmen: !!?!


Leo intercepts Cory with a frying pan to the face.

Cory: !!!...**kicks Leo away, comically mad** WHAT WAS THAT FOR!!?!

Leo crashes into a bunch of plates and utensils…

Carmen: I’m forfeiting this round. Prepare for the next time we meet. I won’t lose to you again.  

Cory: Well. If it’s a challenge from you, then it is my pleasure to accept it.

Leo and Jose: ….!!

Tails and the others: Hahaha!

Sapi: Heheheh, that kid… AND THE WINNER IS, CORY!!!


Tails and the others: ALRIGHT!!!!

Later, we see the group has expanded with Tails and the others, including Cory’s, walking together.

Nami: Wow, that was fun! I don’t know why but I love contests!

Cream: They really are fun!

Cheese: Chao!

Andy and Cory are carrying the giant fish.

Cory: [Man, an actual elephant bluefin tuna in my hands! I wonder what it tastes like. I’m gonna use the fins for stock. But what about the ears? Hah, I just can’t wait to cook it!]

Nami appears to have sensed something.

Nami: Ah?

Steve: Huh? Nami? What’s up?

Nami: It’s the air.

Steve: The air?

Nami: It’s going to rain.

Cory: ???

Tails: Wait, but it’s so nice.

Nami: There’s no doubt. Let’s hurry.

Steve: Huh? Wait!

Meanwhile, Sonic and the others are walking together in the city…

Sonic: I’m just about done walking. I’m gonna see that platform.

Kyo: Wait! What about that Marine officer!?

Sonic: Heh, don’t worry. I got this.

Sonic takes off in usual fashion.

Kyo: So--! ….Please be careful.

Mark: He’s Sonic. Don’t worry so much, Kyo.

Sean: …

Later, Sonic reaches to the town square with the platform.

Sonic: Heheh. I’m back.

Meanwhile in an alleyway…

Cabaji: I found him! This way!

Buggy: Are you sure!?

Now at Marine Base…

Smoker: He’s there now!?

Sirian Marine A: Yes, sir! As you ordered, we were watching the square and he just showed up out of nowhere!

Smoker: Perfect.

Buggy: Let’s go flashily.

Buggy and his men march towards the square. Smoker makes his move as well…

Smoker: [So, he finally showed up. Took’em long enough.]

The Pirate Woman from earlier walks down to the square, while wielding a large iron club with a smirk on her beautiful face.

Pirate Woman: …

Sonic: Alright! So this is what the Pirate King Gold Roger saw before he died!

Sonic is finally on top of the platform looking out to the scenery.

Sonic: Heheheh!

- To be continued…
Sonic XF Episode 204: “Steve vs. Daddy the Father! Showdown at High Noon!”**

At Marine HQ, Tashigi is rather serious about the situation more than Captain Smoker himself. Smoker nonchalantly has his feet on his desk, reading the newspaper.

Tashigi: Captain Smoker! If this Sonic-guy is still on the island, we need to blockade the ports immediately!

Smoker: There’s no need to worry.

Tashigi: How can you be so easygoing!?

We hear two Marines standing outside the office.

Marine A (off-screen): Stop! You can’t go in there!

Marine B (off-screen): The captain’s in the room!

Smoker: ?...

The door opens…

Tashigi: !!!


We find a tall man with a thick mustache, a poncho, and a large cowboy hat, holding several men over his shoulders.

Smoker: …

**[Daddy Masterson the Father; bounty hunter]**

Daddy: Heya, Smoker.

Smoker: Well if it isn’t Daddy…

Daddy drops the men to the floor.

Daddy: Here’s Two-Pistol Pete and the Cop-Killing Riley Brothers.

Smoker: All three have bounties, huh?

Daddy: Nah, four. I dropped one off at the morgue.

Tashigi: …!

Daddy (handing paperwork): I just need your signature. I appreciate it.

Smoker: One million killies for four guys? Times are tough.

Daddy: The work may be cheap. But I can manage. Wanted men gather here to go to the Grand Line. I can earn some cash at least from that. I’d rather do that than sail the seas to find one big catch.

Smoker signs it and returns it…

Smoker: One of the Marine’s most proficient snipers around, reduced to a street sweeper. It’s sad…

Daddy (walking out): I don’t wanna risk my life anymore.

Smoker: Because if you die, that daughter of your’s will wind up on the street, am I right? Tell her I said hi.

Daddy (waves once): Yeah, I’ll tell Uncle Smoky said hello.

Daddy walks out the scene…

Tashigi: That was Daddy Masterson, the bounty hunter?

Smoker: Yeah. We joined around the same time, long ago. He was an elite when it came to marksmanship. I would assure you that he was bound for great things.

We now go to Sean and his group where they are taking a break at a town square. Kyo has his new sword out, gazing at its tempered steel.

Kyo: A cursed sword, huh?

Sean: …

Sonic then appears in front of the group out of nowhere.

Sonic: Hey! That’s a cool sword you got there!

Justin: Sonic!

Mark: What’s up, dude??

Sean: Don’t sneak up like that!

Sonic: So what’s up?

Sean: Just taking a break. You?

Sonic: Me? I was kinda lost again, then I found you guys.

Sean: You’re lost??

Sonic: Heheh! It’s okay. Do you happen to know where the execution platform is?

Then we see several armed men running by…

Sonic and the others: !?

Armed Man A: Hey there he is! Let’s go!

They seem to be running towards someone else, rather than Sonic and company.

Daddy: ….

Daddy walks down towards the square. He then gets surround by the armed men.

Daddy: Hm?

Armed Men: ….

Sonic: What’s up?

Armed Man A: You bastard! You sold out our friends to the Marines!?! Time for you to pay!

They point their guns…

Armed Man: DIE!!!

Daddy: …..


Several more shots are heard. Daddy is still standing along with the other men. But then…

Armed Men: Uggh….!!!

They all collapse after a moment of silence and a gust of wind.

Sonic and the others: !!?!

The youngest one however is the only one unharmed, trembling with fear.

Young Armed Man: …..!!!!

He trips backwards and Daddy begins to approach him.

Young Armed Man: …..!!!!

Daddy gets closer and pulls out the cigarette from the young man’s shirt.

Young Armed Man: …..!!!!

Daddy (crushes cigarette): Why don’t you run on home and see if mom’s got supper ready?

Young Armed Man: …..!!!!!!! OH FUCK!!! **runs off**  WAAAAHH!!!!

Daddy: ….

Sonic: **whistles with awe**…. That was cool!

Sean: Hm….

Justin: You know him, Sean?

Sean: Actually, yeah.

Sonic: Hm?

Sean: Daddy the Father, bounty hunter.

We now go to Tails and his group. They once again check out another equipment shop. They appear to have made many purchases earlier, evident by the size of their backpacks.

Tails: This town’s got all KINDS of stuff!

Chris: Seriously! Even if I can’t buy all of them, I can just look at ‘em all day!

Steve: Hahahaha!

Tails (finds something): Hm?

Tails picks up a special pair of goggles.

Tails: Whooa…! Hey, guys! Check it out!

As soon as they see it….

Chris and Steve: …!?!

Chris: Those are some goggles if I ever saw one!

Steve: Good eye, Tails. Those are the top-of-the-line model from North Blue Company! I heard that they make these in limited quantity.

Chris: Are you gonna get it, Tails?

Tails: Well, they don’t exactly fit me. Looks like only Sirians were in mind during the design process. What about you, Steve?

Steve: They’d be neat if I didn’t need these glasses.

Tails: Oh, right. Sorry…

Steve: No biggie. I don’t need them anyways. I think I’m just fine with these.

As soon as Tails puts the goggles back to its place, a little girl takes them almost immediately.

Tails and the others: !?

The little girl prances her way to the counter, and…

Little Girl: I’ll take these goggles, please!

Tails and the others: ….

Female Store Owner: Oh what a cute little you are! I just happen to know that these are the only ones in the entire town!

Tails and the others: …!

After making the purchase, she skips passed Tails and the others. She, however, pauses herself to stare at the three.

Little Girl: Hmhmhm, hi!

Tails and the others: …??

Little Girl: Hehehe!

She then skips off and leaves the store, leaving the three somewhat puzzled.

Chris: That was…strange.

Tails: Yeah.

Steve: Hm….

Later, the three leave the store with purchases made.

Tails: Well, we definitely more of what we need.

Steve: Yeah, these spare parts would definitely come in handy in the future.

Chris: Should we look for more?

Tails: Maybe just one more store.


Little Girl: Papa! Papa!

Tails and the others: Huh?

The Little Girl runs up to none other than Daddy himself.

Daddy: Hm?

She presents the goggles before him…

Little Girl: Happy Birthday, Papa!

Daddy: Oh my Carol….!!! **comically adoring** Carol, you’re the most angelic little girl a father could ever have!

Carol: I love you so much, Papa!

Tails: So they were a gift, huh?

Chris: Well, good for him.

Steve (thinking): That man…


Amy: Hey, you guys!

Tails: Hey, Amy!

Nami: Oh? You boys sure had some shopping to do.

Chris: Ahaha, yeah. Just a bunch of equipment and stuff.

Nami: Really now? Would you need to borrow some money from me? That’ll come with interest.

Chris: Uh, no we’re okay.

Steve: How’s everything going?

Cream: We had lots of fun shopping for clothes. We even have bought some for you guys.

Steve: Oh yeah?

Nami: That’ll also come with interest!

Chris: I was afraid she’d say that…

While Daddy continues to adore his little girl, he catches Steve in the corner of his eye.

Daddy: That boy...he looks like…


Daddy’s face instantly changes from comical adoring to dead serious glaring.

Daddy: …

Carol: Papa?

Daddy focuses on Steve and approaches him.

Steve: ??

Chris (quietly): It’s him from moments ago.

Tails (quietly): Yeah…

Nami and the girls: ..!??

Carol: Papa? What’s wrong?

Daddy: Forgive me for my intrusion. I see that you’re a marksman. I just had a question for you, young man.

Steve: Me?

Daddy: That’s right. Do you happen to know a man named, Shu?

Steve: Shu?? Why, yeah. He’s my uncle.

Daddy: !!?!... Is Steve your name?

Steve: !?!...Uh, yeah. Can I ask why? How do you know?

Daddy: I was right after all.…You resemble your uncle....I’ve met him somewhere years ago.

Tails and the others: !!?!

Steve: !!!

Daddy: I was a Marine back then…


Daddy (narrating): It was at a dry port during a hot day just like this…

Shu: Come on, Ensign Masterson! We each get one shot!

Then later…


They each shoot in a duel. After a moment of silence….

Light, Slash, Zero and Zoro: …

We also see a large, tall, and round Sirian man standing behind the main members of the Hedgehog Pirates.

Shu: …

Daddy: …

Hedgehog Pirates: …!?!

Shu flinches and holds his arm as it starts to bleed. And Daddy…

Daddy: Uggh…!

Daddy collapses on the dock, lying on his back.

Hedgehog Pirate A: He won!

Hedgehog Pirate B: Shu won!

Hedgehog Pirate C: He beat one of the best snipers the Marines had!

The pirates rush to their fellow crewmate.

Hedgehog Pirate D: Boy, that was a close one!

Hedgehog Pirate E: You’re the man, Shu!

Light: …

Shu: Yeah.

Daddy: …

Hedgehog Pirate F: Alright, finish him!

Hedgehog Pirate A: Yeah! Killing the loser is a sign of dignity and respect! It’s the right thing to do!

Daddy: …

Shu is close to Daddy and points his pistol at him.

Daddy: Finish me! There’s no reason for me to live! I lost…!

Shu: Yeah, you lost. You’ve got a good resolve. **notices something** Huh?

Shu notices a locket around his neck and takes it.

Daddy: What are you doing!?

Shu opens it up and sees a photo of Daddy’s daughter, Carol.

Shu: Your daughter?

Daddy: Give it back…!

Shu: I wouldn’t expect a Marine like you to be treasuring something like this…She must be really special.

Daddy: Don’t you dare lecture, you fuckin’ pirate!

Shu: Fine by me! **walks away** Ahahahaha!

Light (grins): Hm.

Shu walks back to this crew.

Daddy: ….!!

Hedgehog Pirate B (off-screen): You were awesome, Shu!

Shu (off-screen): Nah, nothing special. I need more practice, I got myself hurt and I didn’t kill the man in one shot.

Shu is getting patched up by a fellow member.

Hedgehog Pirate C: Maybe, but that Marine would’ve been trouble if you haven’t won!

Hedgehog Pirate D: You took on Daddy Masterson and lived!

Light then tosses him a bottle of booze.

Light: Catch.

Shu: Thanks, Boss! Glad that you had no objections!

Light: Heh. **gets up** Enjoy yourself, Shu. I’ll see ya back on the ship.

Shu takes a long swig after his victory.

Shu: Ahh…! Hits the spot! Hey, Marine! You want some?

Daddy: Tch…!

Shu: … Family, huh…? I can never wrap my mind around that job.

Daddy: Huh?

Shu: I got no kids myself, but my brother does. My very own nephew…. His name is Steve. I’m sure my brother’s training him to become a marksman. He’s not so bad himself. Haven’t seen them in years though. I left my brother and the rest for the sea. Steve was a little toddler then.

Daddy: Why? You didn’t love them?

Shu: Nah, haha. I loved them plenty, especially Steve. It’s just that…There’s a stronger love…and that’s the sea. And that jolly roger up there was calling out to me later in life.

Hedgehog Pirate A: Amen, brother!

Hedgehog Pirates: YEAAAH!!!

Shu (gets up): ….

He tosses the locket back to Daddy.

Shu: Now then… Steve still has his old man. But you…she deserves to have her parent by her side. While you have the chance… be with her. Not that I’m to talk. Hahahaha!

Daddy stares at his locket.

Daddy: Ugh…!!

Shu and the pirates start walking back to their ship.

Daddy: I lost our duel, Shu! You can’t leave me like this! You owe that much to me!

Shu: You Marines never change, following the rules and all. We pirates live by our own right. That’s why I love being a pirate! Later!

Daddy: ….

**flashback ends**

Tails and the others: ….!!

Steve: …!!

Nami: So that’s why you left the Marines to become a bounty hunter.

Daddy: The thing is… no one knows why I left the Marines. Except now.

Carol: Papa, no! No pirate has ever beaten you! Please don’t tell me that’s true! Tell me you won, right!?

Steve: If I may ask, what’s your name?

Daddy: This may help….

Steve: !!?!


Daddy reveals 30 holstered pistols under that poncho of his.

Steve and the others: !!?!

Steve: Wait a minute! **counting** 30 pistols!? That means….You’re Daddy the Father!?!

Daddy: The one and only…

Nami: Wow! Your uncle must be really amazing! He beat Daddy the Father! It all makes sense now!

Steve: ….! Did you…!?

Daddy: ….

Steve (crying): ….!!!

Cream: Mr. Steve??

Amy: …!?

Nami: Hey, are you okay?

Tails: What’s the matter?

Daddy: I read the files about your family. I’m so sorry for your loss years ago.

Steve (w/ tears): Sir! You told me that story so that I can become someone like him!! To inspire me!

Carol: Huh?

Daddy: …

Steve: You embarrassed yourself for me! Putting your pride beneath me so I know what my uncle was like! To show how great he is! I even hated him for a long time because he left us! But after you told me that story! I get it! I’ll never forget that! People would just bury that story to protect their pride! But you! You’re not an afraid of anything! Even shame! Weaklings or cowards could never do what you just did!

Tails and the others: ….!

Steve: Carol, don’t get it wrong. Your dad is the bravest man alive! Men who are big and strong are easy to find! But the ones who put their honor on the line for others are one in a million!

Carol: ….!

Steve: Thank you, Daddy! …**gets an idea** You know what??

Daddy: Hm?

Steve: Why don’t we have a target duel!?

Daddy (smiles): Hah.

Carol: Huh?

Tails: Steve??

Nami: With Daddy!?

Chris, Amy, and Cream: !!!

Steve: I wanna show you what I’m capable of! The more reason for your actions!

Daddy: Steve… You got some guts, kid. It would be an honor to duel against the prodigy of your village.

Steve (nods): !

Later, we go to another location where it is much more secluded and higher up.

Daddy: Alright, choose the weapon of your choice, Steve.

Steve: Well, since you use a pistol…

Steve pulls out his Raptor .52.

Daddy: Very well. Now, then. Let’s see…

Daddy looks around for an appropriate target.

Daddy (pointing): That weathervane will be our target. We each will have one shot. It’s time to prove yourself, Steve. Show me that you live up to your heritage.

Steve: Right!

Amy: Wait, that!?

The weathervane is certainly a far distance away from where they stand.

Chris: No way! There’s no way anyone can shoot that far with a pistol!

Daddy takes out his pistol and takes aim…

Daddy: ….

Tails and the others: ….!!!

After a moment of brief concentration….


Daddy: ….

Steve: …!!!

Chris: Did he hit it??

Tails takes out his binoculars while Nami takes out her scope.

Tails: Ah! Whoa! He did!

Nami: Right through the eye! That’s Daddy the Father for ya.

Cream: Steve?

Steve: ….

The sound of the clock tower bell ringing fills the otherwise quiet atmosphere as Steve thinks for a moment.

Steve: …

He then proceeds, lifting his pistol and points at the target.

Tails and the others: ….!

Daddy: ….

Carol: …!

Steve: ….

Steve begins to concentrate…

Steve: [This one shot will determine whether I got what it takes to be a great marksman! Concentrate…it’s just like any other shot….!]

Steve focuses more and…..


Tails and the others: !!

Carol: !!

Daddy: …

A moment of silence…

Steve: ….

Cream: Did he…hit it…??

Carol: !?... Papa?

Daddy: …!!! Unbelievable…!

Tails: He did it! Right through the crown!

Nami: Nice shot!

Chris, Amy, and Cream (amazed): !!!

Daddy: You’re an excellent shot. I’d expect no less from Shu’s nephew. You are a brave, young man as well. Your family would’ve been proud. Go to the Grand Line, you’ll find him there!

Steve: ….!

Daddy: He deserves to see you. He must see what you have become.

Steve: Daddy…!

Carol: You’re a pretty good, Steve!

Steve: Thanks.

Daddy (grins): Hm.

Daddy begins to take his leave with a grin on his face.

Carol: Later! **runs to Daddy** Wait, Papa!

Daddy (off-screen): Now, Carol. Don’t say later. It’s bad manners.

Carol (off-screen): Ahahaha! Sorry, Papa. I’m gonna try to be a nice girl for now on!

Daddy (off-screen): You are already nice, Carol.

Carol: Hehe! Well I’m gonna be even nicer!

Nami: When people say that he’s a disgraced Marine, at least we’ll know the real story.

Steve: I know I’ll make my uncle proud!

Tails: We all know you will.

Steve (smiling): …

Meanwhile, Cory, Andy, and Knuckles are walking down the street until a bold, female voice is heard…

Female Voice: Cory! I’ve finally found you after 10 years!

Cory: Hm?


-- To be continued…
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