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6. SplicedHelix

Left to right surrounding me: The 11th Doctor, Lando Calrissian (Cloud City cape outfit), Green Lantern (New 52 Hal Jordan), Charlie (Alpha 3) and Magneto in a villainous silhouette behind/above us.

With me in a Captain America shirt and a Chicago Bears hat, please!

7. EnderGamma (?)

8. RazerHD

Any Game of Year 2015 Potentials? 

4 deviants said comment plz!


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Sean Tetsuji Tamura
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love crossing over my favorite anime, games, and all other media, including my own cartoons.

3DS Friend Code: 0903 2746 4625

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Sonic Channel Wallpaper (Old Style)
Request: Alix by Hawke525
COMM: Mindorin Hairret by Hawke525
REQ: Mirage by Hawke525
Pencil-Sketchy look that Sonic Channel had.
Sonic Channel Wallpaper (New Style)
REQ: Randal by Hawke525
COMM: Jiza by Hawke525
COMM: Spark by Hawke525
The more modern version of the Sonic Channel wallpaper.
Sonic Battle style Comm.
COMM: Tails Doll by Hawke525
COMM: Oddbrother by Hawke525
COMM:  Albina (SB) by Hawke525
Sonic Battle style that Sonic fans love with a simple background. 

Chibi Style
Chibi Sonic by Hawke525
Chibi Andy by Hawke525
Chibi Sean by Hawke525
Features no background. Additional characters will be350 points (goes into donations with note "additional chibi characters"). 

I will cover humans AND anthros. OC/Fan characters and Fan art stuff (Sonic and friends; One Piece; etc..) just like other commissions. 
Hype Style
Smash Art: Mario by Hawke525
Smash Art: Mega Man by Hawke525
Smash Art: Sonic by Hawke525
Similar to Mario Strikers, Street Fighter IV, and even a bit of Wind Waker. Features white background and my logo. 


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A little video i made while burning that midnight oil. :P

Splatoon Walken Commercial (Parody by Hawke525) 
  • Mood: Love


Sonic XF Episode 219: “A Hex on Sonic! Colors Trap!"

Sonic and his group are in a middle of a staredown.

Sonic: ….

Mr. 3: ….

Andy: ….

Kyo: ….

Karoo: …

Mr. 5 pair and Ms. Goldenweek: …

We see Sean in a pose for some reason.

Nami: Sean? Why are you standing in that pose?

Sean: If I’m gonna be a statue I prefer this pose.

Vivi: This is no time to be playing around!

Sean: Who said about playing?

Nami: I still can’t believe you were gonna cut your own legs off so we can escape from here! I think I would’ve vomited if I saw that happen!

Sean: That wasn’t the point! I was gonna cut them off so we can fight!

Nami: Oh is that the plan? Cause that’s a worse idea.

Sean: Tch, whatever.

Nami: Seriously, sometimes I think you were born without ANY common sense!

Vivi: [We’re stuck here. We’re about to turn into wax statues and the two of them are just bickering. They seem to not understand the dangers of this situation at all!]

Broggy: Hey, sword guy. Is that all the fight you got left in ya?

Sean: Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll just have to let someone take care of that from here.

Broggy: Heh…Alright.  

Ms. Goldenweek casually sets up a picnic and eats rice crackers.

Ms. Goldenweek: They don’t seem to be terrified with what’s going to happen to them, Mr. 3.

Mr. 3: And you don’t seem to be terribly worried about making sure it happens, Ms. Goldenweek! [Come on, hurry up already!]

Sean: If you wanna die in a cool pose, you better hurry, Nami.

Nami: I got other things to worry about!

Vivi: Mr. Bushido, could you take this a little more seriously!?

Sean: Vivi, hey your pose could use some work too.

Nami: Shut up about the posing already!

Knuckles: Geezz…

Mark: Too bad we can’t pose…

Justin: Yeah…

Steve (comically mad): Not you too!!

Tails: We’re all gonna be wax statues even without being on the candle set. I hope Sonic and the others hurry…

Mr. 3: Rrrggh….they’re acting so careless about this! They’re just mocking us! This is very annoying! They’ve been acting ever since they showed up….OF COURSE!

Mr. 3 locks his eyes on the biggest bounty, Sonic.

Sonic: Heh…

Mr. 3: He seems to be non-threatening if you ask me…

Mr. 5: Mr. 3, we’ll be happy to take care of the brats.

Mr. 3: Hmhmhm! Take care of him?? Please, don’t be ridiculous. You’ve done that once already and look! He’s standing in front of us alive and well! Interfering with my art! I think it’s clear that you can’t handle a Blue Hedgehog nor those brats! I bet any of them are more than a match against you. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mr. 5: Rrrnnghh…!

Mr. 3: Fine, put a handle on those two Sirian brats. I’ll take the Hedgehog. I never had a Hedgehog statue. He’ll make a fine addition to my collection! Hahahah!

Sonic: Heh, I got that candle guy. Sit back and watch those two.

Andy and Kyo: Right.


Sonic: !!?!

Sonic evades the lock but not without getting it on his right hand.

Sonic: Agh! What the!?

Andy: What is that stuff!?

Kyo: It’s wax!

Andy: Wax!?

Kyo: Remember what Mr. 5 said? He can create wax and control it at will!

Andy: Hmm… so like Pyro with fire and that guy with candle wax…wait a sec…could he be…Hmm….

Vivi: Sonic!

Sean: Dammit, he got caught already??

Nami: Almost…!

Sonic: Hmm…this wax is pretty tough. **swings it around** Hmm….

Mr. 3: This is gonna be easy. Once more! CANDLE LOCK!!!

Sonic: Not this time!!

Sonic evades it.

Mr. 3: !?!

Sonic then revs up his legs to build up speed, being stationary for now.

Andy: Heheh.

Kyo: Ah…!

Sean: …

Nami and Vivi: ….!?!

Knuckles: Looks like Sonic’s got something up his sleeve.

Mark: Well duh, that candle thing…

Knuckles (comically mad): SHUT UP!

Mr. 3: WHAT IS HE…!?!

Sonic: LIGHT DASH…..!!!

Sonic then launches at mind-breaking speeds.

Sonic: …HAMMER!!!

Sonic launches himself towards the pillar of the top layer of the set and it shatters.

Mr. 3: NOO!!!

Vivi and Nami: ALRIGHT!!

Sean: Hah.

Tails and the others: YEAAH!!

Kyo: !!

Andy: Nice one!

Sonic: TIMBER!!

Sean: OH SHIT!!!

Nami and Vivi: WAAAAH!!!

Kyo (comically shocked): EEK!!

Sean, Nami, and Vivi (comically scared): AAAAAAH!!!

The top layer slams into the middle layer and is not falling any further.

Sean, Nami, and Vivi (comically scared): ……!!!

Broggy: Ah…!

Sonic makes a nice landing.

Sonic: Hah. Everything’s fine. That thing shattered too. **sees candle set** Huh?

Somehow, the top layer is still spinning, and the wax particles continue to fall.

Sonic: Wait a sec…

Nami: We’re okay…

Vivi: We’re still alive…

Sean: We’re still alive but that really didn’t help at all.  

Vivi: Wait! Sean! Now’s the time to use your Ki!

Sean: Can’t exactly move right now.

Vivi (comically mad): You don’t seem to be bothered by it!!!

Nami: Agh..! I can’t move…! What’s happening….my body…..!! I can’t move at all..!!

Andy: What’s happening here!?

Kyo: It seemed that it made it worse!

Mr. 3: Hmhmhmhm!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! You fool!! All you did was move the candles closer!! And by doing so, you only sped up the process! It’ll happen even sooner now!!

Tails and the others: !!?!

Mr. 3: Well done!

Andy: Dammit!!

Vivi: Sonic!! Please hurry!!

Sonic: I’m on it!!

Mr. 3: Not on my watch!! Get out of my way!!! WAX WAX HARPOON!!!

Sonic (dodges it): WHOA!!!

Sean: This isn’t looking good, girls. That thing is speeding up! Good thing I got my pose down….

Nami (comically mad): MORON!!!


Andy and Kyo (attempt to move): ….!!!

Mr. 5: Don’t even think about it, brats.

Ms. Valentine: Kyahahahah!

Andy: And don’t even try ganging up on are friend!

Kyo: …

Sonic: GOT IT!!! SPIN DASH!!!

Mr. 3: No you don’t!! CANDLE WALL!!!

Mr. 3 forms a wall in Sonic’s path, blocking the attack.

Sonic: Out of the way, Candle Man!

Mr. 3: That should be my line for you, Hedgehog! I would highly appreciate it if you sit back for my creativity! CANDLE LOCK!!!

Sonic dodges it and purposefully gets it on his hand again.

Sonic: Heheh!

Mr. 3: !!?!....CANDLE WALL!!!

Sonic: HAH!!!

Sonic runs up and throws his attack.

Sonic: Sound-Breaking Punch!!!

Mr. 3: !!!!... **walls cracks; comically shocked**…..EEEEEKKK!!!


The wall breaks and Sonic’s punch goes through. Mr. 3 gets sent sliding across the floor and crashes through the forest.

Mr. 5: Mr. 3!!

Ms. Valentine: No way…!

Andy: Alright!!

Kyo: Hahah!

Sonic then stands there…

Nami: Sonic!! Hurry up and break this thing before we die up here!!

Sonic: Uh……!

Nami: Quit joking around and hurry!!

Sonic: Nah uh….

Sonic has a rather distraught look on his face but…

Sean: Quit being an idiot!! Now’s really a good time!!

Tails: What’s going on with Sonic…!?

Mark: Something’s not right…!

Knuckles (sarcasm): You think!?

Vivi: Sonic! Please just do it!!

Sonic: ………..Not now…I…..just don’t feel like saving you…

Nami: ……!!! Sonic…what’s wrong…!?!


Ms. Goldenweek: Colors Trap! **bites rice cracker**

We now see a black symbol under Sonic’s feet.

Sonic: ……….!

Ms. Goldenweek: …

Andy: What the hell…!?

Kyo: Sonic-san??


Sean: There’s no time to space out now! Do something!!

Sonic: Yeah…I know…!

Vivi: Then quit just standing there!!

Nami: Come on, Sonic!!

Sonic: I know…what I should do….but…I don’t feel like it…

Nami: DAMMIT!! I DO YOU KEEP SAYING THAT!?! We’re going die as statues here, do you understand me!!?! WE’RE GOING TO DIE!!!

Sonic: Yeah….but for some reason….I can’t get motivated to help….

Sean, Nami, and Vivi (comically mad): WHAT DO YOU MEAN CAN’T GET MOTIVATED!!?!

Tails: Sonic…what’s going on…!?! **looks around** What’s happening here…!?

Andy: Tch…We gotta do something!

Kyo: Yeah!

Mr. 5: Surprise, mothafucka!

Andy and Kyo: !!?!

Mr. 5: Don’t you brats move! We got you where we want ya. I got my Nose-Fancy Cannon ready with your names on it.

Ms. Valentine is up in the air above them.

Ms. Valentine: Kyaahahahaha! It’s no use, your little buddy is in a nasty trap! Haven’t you seen what’s under him!?

Andy and Kyo: …!?!

They see the symbol….

Kyo: Wait, there! You see it!?

Andy: Yeah, some black symbol on the ground. What’s so important about that thing!?

Mr. 5: You really don’t get it at all, do you boys?

Ms. Valentine: Kyahahahahah!

Andy: What’s so funny!?

Mr. 5: Paint. That’s what’s funny.


Kyo is suddenly is in front of Mr. 5, ready to strike.

Mr. 5: !!!?!

Kyo: HAH!!!

Mr. 5 blocks the quick-draw and a small explosion occurs.

Vivi and Nami: !!!

Sean: …

Vivi: [He’s so fast…! But Mr. 5…]

Ms. Valentine: Is that kid crazy!?

Andy: Nah, he’s Kyo. So you gonna get down or what? Or you know I’m too fast for ya.

Ms. Valentine: Hggh…annoying little bastard!

Mr. 5: Hah! You were trying to get me with that same attack!? How foolish.

Kyo: Just trying to give you a jump that’s all. You dropped your guard just that one second.

Mr. 5: Hmph. What’s with the tough talk all of a sudden, boy? RAH!!

Kyo: HAH!!!


Mr. 5: !!?!

Kyo was able to block Mr. 5’s explosive attack. They are currently in stalemate…

Kyo: I may not be a Devil Fruit user, but I can still get around it.

Mr. 5: You used your explosive power to deflect my own, huh!? This oughta be interesting….


Vivi: …Ms. Goldenweek… She’s responsible!

Ms. Goldenweek (eating rice crackers): …

Vivi: I know this is your doing!

Ms. Goldenweek: It’s my Colors Trap. Betrayal Black. If you want to touch the paint, you’ll betray you friends, no matter what they might say. Even begging and pleading won’t help.

Nami: What is she talking about!? I don't understand here!

Vivi: She’s a painter. She can somehow a power to paint different emotions. Each color is a feeling.

Nami: !!

Vivi: Her sense of color is so complete she can even manipulate your mind. Just a splash of any of her colors and you’ll be under her control.

Sean: Under her control?? Well that’s not good.

Nami: So he needs to do is get off of that paint. Sonic! Move away from there!

Vivi: Wait! Don’t! Sonic! Don’t listen to me! Whatever you do, please stay on that paint! I’m begging you!

Ms. Goldenweek (eating rice crackers): …

Tails and the others: !!?!

Mark: Is she nuts!?!

Nami: What are you, insane!?!

Vivi: We don’t want you to save us!! Please, stay in that paint!

Sonic: ….No way…

Sonic walks away…

Sean: Hah, I get it now.

Sonic: Whoa…what just happened!?

Tails: You just have to say the exact opposite.

Nami: Of course, I get it now.

Vivi: Sonic!! Please hurry!!

Sonic: Oh, yeah! Right!!

Ms. Goldenweek uses her paint once more…

Sonic (holding in laugh): ……!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Nevermind that I just wanna laugh!!!

Sean, Vivi, and Nami (comically shocked): !!!!

Tails and others (comically shocked): EHHH!!!?!

Kyo: Oh no…!

Andy: That’s some paint…!

Mr. 5: I would not wanna be that guy.

Nami: SONIC!

Sean: That moron!!

Vivi: What now!?

Sonic has yellow paint on his back, causing him to laugh without stopping.

Broggy: These guys… are something else…!


Ms. Goldenweek: Colors Trap: Laughter Yellow!

Sonic is on the ground laughing.

Ms. Goldenweek: You shouldn’t have stepped out of the circle!


Nami: Now it’s on his back!

Tails: This is bad…!

Knuckles: That girl’s really annoying me!!

Sean: This is getting really bad. If the wax keeps falling like this, we’ll be done for.

Sonic rolls on the ground…

Ms. Goldenweek: …

Sonic: ….

Nami: Look! The paint smudged!!

Sonic: …..Geezz… What’s going on?? I felt weird again…Hey, Painter Girl!! Quit messing around!!

Ms. Goldenweek: But you were having such a good time, was it funny?

Sonic (comically mad): JUST QUIT IT WITH THE PAINT!!!

Sonic gets ready to attack once more.

Ms. Goldenweek: Colors Trap: Bullfight Red!!

Sonic: HAAAAAH!!!

Sonic hits the red paint with such meager force.

Sonic: Haaah…


Ms. Goldenweek: I just can’t let you break it. Mr. 3 wouldn’t be happy about that at all.

Sonic (comically mad): GRRGGGH!!!

Ms. Goldenweek: During a bullfight, the bull can’t control the urge to go for the red cape. Likewise, you can’t attack but that red paint. That’s what I did.

Steve: That paint is really getting on my nerves!!

Justin: Same here!!

Sonic: Tcch…!!!

Nami: At this rate, he’ll never get us out!

Ms. Goldenweek: Now to finish up, mix it up with Sadness Blue! Colors Trap: Tranquil Green!

Sonic: !!!!....

Suddenly, we find Sonic drinking green tea with Ms. Goldenweek for a picnic.

Sonic: Ahh… That’s some good tea…


Sonic’s friends (comically mad): SONIC!!!

Andy: What now!?!

Nami: What happens now!?

Sean: Should’ve come up with a better pose, Nami.

Vivi: Are you still talking about that!?!

Mr. 5: Looks like your Hedgehog friend is completely done for. Drinking tea….what a way to go out.

Kyo: Tch….!

Andy: Kyo’s held up with that Mr. 5 guy… I got the annoying bitch up there…WAIT!

She’s not above Andy anymore.

Andy: Where did she!?!

Ms. Valentine: Kyahahaha!!


She’s now above Tails and the others.

Andy: Ah crap!!

Knuckles: When did she…!?!

Ms. Valentine: With the wax holding them down, I can just crush their little heads before they become statues! Kyahahahah!

Andy: !!!?!.....Shit..!

Tails (shocked):……!!!!

Knuckles: Tails? What’s the matter??

Tails: Are friends….!!! Broggy….!!!

Everyone sees them and….


Sean, Nami, Vivi, and Broggy have become solidified wax figures.

Andy: ….!!!

Kyo: ….!!!

Mr. 5: Heheheh….!

Mark: How come we’re not statues yet??

Steve: Distance is making a difference. They’re the closest. And we’re really running out of time here!!

Andy: SONIC!?

Sonic: This tea….!!!

Sonic’s face shows that he’s trying to resist the paint’s powers but he’s still in that posture.

Sonic: GRRGGGH…!!!

-- To be continued….
A little video i made while burning that midnight oil. :P

Splatoon Walken Commercial (Parody by Hawke525) 
  • Mood: Love

Commish Rules (PLEASE READ!)

H-525 Commission Rules (Updated 2/22/15) by Hawke525

Wanna use paypal? Please note me.



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