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I love crossing over my favorite anime, games, and all other media, including my own cartoons.

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Sonic Channel Wallpaper (Old Style)
Request: Alix by Hawke525
COMM: Mindorin Hairret by Hawke525
REQ: Mirage by Hawke525
Pencil-Sketchy look that Sonic Channel had.
Sonic Channel Wallpaper (New Style)
REQ: Randal by Hawke525
COMM: Jiza by Hawke525
COMM: Spark by Hawke525
The more modern version of the Sonic Channel wallpaper.
Sonic Battle style Comm.
COMM: Tails Doll by Hawke525
COMM: Oddbrother by Hawke525
COMM:  Albina (SB) by Hawke525
Sonic Battle style that Sonic fans love with a simple background. 

Chibi Style
Chibi Sean by Hawke525
Chibi Andy by Hawke525
Chibi Sonic by Hawke525
Features no background. Additional characters will be 250 points (goes into donations with note "additional chibi characters"). 

I will cover humans AND anthros. OC/Fan characters and Fan art stuff (Sonic and friends; One Piece; etc..) just like other commissions. 
Hype Style
Smash Art: Mario by Hawke525
Smash Art: Sonic by Hawke525
Smash Art: Mega Man by Hawke525
Similar to Mario Strikers, Street Fighter IV, and even a bit of Wind Waker. Features white background and my logo. 


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Sorry guys. I got homework. Hopefully I'll be back for next Sunday


Sonic XF Episode 215: “The Dueling Giants, Dorry and Broggy”

The giant tears his way of the trees towards the ship.

Tails and the others: ……!!!!

Giant 1: Hello!

Tails and the others (comically scared): WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!


The Giant leans down to the ship.

Giant 1: May if I ask something of you kind people.

Nami (crying): Uhmm…s-sure, Sir.

Giant 1: I was wondering if you folks had any alcohol. I drank mine.

Nami: We have a little!

Giant 1: You do!? That’s perfect!!

Tails: But that’s only for cleaning and disfinecting! I don’t if that’s okay with you! You’re welcome to it all!


Tails and the others (comically scared): WWAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

The Giant turns around to find a T-rex biting his butt.

Tails and the others: …..!!!

Chris: A dinosaur…!?!

The Giant grabs his axe and spins around for a chop.

Justin: !!!

Nami (comically scared): EEEK!!!

He chops the head off from the dinosaur’s neck.


Amy and Nami hold each other in fear.

Chris: What is he!?!

Amy: A GIANT!!!!

Giant 1: I’m Broggy! **grabs dinosaur’s head** Elbaf’s strongest warrior!!! I am invincible!!! GYABABABABABABAHH!!! Now I got dinner, and the two of you are my guests!!!

Nami and Amy: !!?!

The screaming folks all collapse…

Justin: Whoooa….!!

Broggy: Huh? Hm….

Sonic is on top of the Brontosaurus’s head.

Sonic: Whoooa! What a view! We should have our lunch here!

Vivi: We’re not here for a picnic, Sonic! We need to keep moving!

Sonic (sees something): Hm? Whoooa…! They got active volcanoes, guys! And there are some mountains with big holes in them! Heheh!

Vivi: Sonic! Come down from there! It’s dangerous!

Sonic: Huh?

Vivi: It may seem nice, but it’s still a dinosaur!

Sonic: Yeah, yeah. Just a minute!

The brontosaurus flings Sonic yup suddenly.

Sonic: !!!?!

Then the brontosaurs eats Sonic.

Kyo (comically shocked): HEEEK!!

Andy: Uumm….


Vivi (comically shocked): SONIC, NO!!! THIS IS AWFUL!!! HE’S EATEN ALIVE!!!

But then…


The brontosaurus’s head falls off and we see another Giant armed with a sword.

Vivi: !!!!

Karoo (comically shocked): !!!!!

Andy and Kyo: !!!!

Out the other end of the falling head comes out Sonic.

Sonic: Huh?

The Giant catches Sonic in his hand. The head crashes to the ground nearby Andy and the others.

Andy, Kyo, and Vivi: ….!!!!

Sonic …..!!!!

Giant 2: GYAGYAGYAGYA!!! What a close call right? You’re my first visitor in a long time!

Sonic: Wow, you’re huge! You’re not a Sirian, are you?

Giant 2: Sirian!?! What a joke! GYAGYAGYAGYAGYAH!!!! Greatest of all Elbaf! I am Dorry!!! GYAGYAGYAGYAHH!!

Andy and Kyo: Whoooa….!

Vivi drops to her knees while Karoo has collapsed on the ground.

Vivi: It’s a…Giant…!! I heard that they exist but I never actually seen one before!

Kyo: S-same here!

Andy: That’s so awesome! I’ve always heard about them back at home! I’m looking at one with my own eyes!

Sonic: What’s up, big guy? I’m Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog, and I always love adventures.

Dorry: An adventurer, eh!? GYAGYAGYAGYAGYAAH!!!

Vivi: Guys, we have to get out of here quick! Karoo, come on! We have to go!

Sonic: By the way I’d like you to meet some of my friends, Andy with the red hair, Kyo in the black, and that’s Vivi with her duck, Karoo. Say hi to Dorry!

Vivi: Oh great, just can’t shut up!

Andy: Hahahahah! Well hi there, Dorry!

Kyo: I don’t know what’s happening here…

Dorry: GYAGYAGYAGYAGYAGYAH!!! Tell ya what! You’re all invited to my home! GYAAAGYAGYAGYAH!!!

Meanwhile, we find Broggy roasting some dinosaur meat over a fire.

Broggy: Delicious dinosaur.

We find Tails and the others to be his guests.

Tails: You think he’s really friendly?

Cream: He did invite us to dinner. He seems nice.

Nami: I don’t know. He might pick our bones clean. Just look.


We find many skulls and bones laying around.

Steve: EEEK—!

Nami covers Steve’s mouth.

Nami: SHHH!!!

Chris: Oh this is bad…

Broggy (singing): YUMMY YUMMY DINOSAUR MEAT! YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY, IT’S SO SWEET! EAT IT UP AND GET SOME SLEEP!!! GYABABABABABAH!!! ALRIGHT, FOLKS! Eat up as a token of my appreciation for the alcohol!

Tails and the others: ….!?

Later, a large slab of meat is dropped on a giant leaf in front of the guests.

Tails and the others: ….!

Broggy: Eat hearty, my friends! Dinosaur meat is delicious!!!

Nami: Uhh, we’ll take our time, thanks.

Broggy: Don’t be shy now! Dig in!

Mark: Hah! Don’t mind if I do!!

Nami (quietly): Mark!!

Mark: What!? We can’t let food go to waste!

Nami (quietly): He’s fattening us up so we’re more plump and juicy!!!

Steve: That can’t be…!

Amy (quietly): I’m too young to die!

Chris (quietly): Same here…

Mark: Well I’m hungry so…

Justin: Same here. I’ll take some too.

Steve: Justin! …I don’t know how long I can last. I may not have the energy to resist his offer…!

Ryu: ……

Nami: Excuse me, Broggy, sir. May I ask you a question?

Broggy: What’s on your mind, young lady!

Nami: Um, how long does it take for the log to reset?

Broggy: One full year.

Nami and some others comically collapse in shock of the answer.

Nami: A year…!? We won’t have stomachs to feed by then…!

Steve: It’s over…we have to admit defeat.

Mark and Justin (eating): Hm?

Broggy: Don’t tell me you’re gonna fall asleep again! GYABABABABABAH!!!

Then with Dorry and his guests…


Sonic and Andy: Hahahaha!

Kyo and Vivi: ….!

Karoo is drinking from his little barrel.

Andy is having some dinosaur meat.

Andy: You sure know how to cook, Giant.

Dorry: Why thanks for the compliment! Your goodies were good, my friend! Although a little small, don’t ya think? Gyagyagya!

Andy: Yeah, I know what you mean! But my friend made specially for this trip! So I’m glad you liked it cause otherwise I’d have to beat you up.

Dorry: GYAGYA—What’s that? Was that a threat, shorty?

Kyo and Vivi: !!!!

Karoo (drinks comes out of mouth): …….!!!

Sonic: Hahahah!

Dorry: Haha! I like you guys! You’re really funny!! GYAGYAGYA!

Vivi: They’re becoming fast friends.

Kyo: Yeah…

Sonic: I don’t mean to ask, but why don’t you choose to live out here by yourself? Don’t you have a village to call home?

Dorry: I came from a village. A place of many warriors called Elbaf. It was once home but I don’t call it that.

Sonic: Why’s that?

Dorry: There are certain rules in Elbaf that must be obeyed.

Sonic and Andy: Hmm…

Sonic: What kind of rules?

Dorry: For example, if a fight breaks out and neither side yields, judgement is passed down by Elbaf’s god. Whoever he deems righteous, will be declared the winner and granted survival as well as divine protection.

Andy: So it’s god’s choice? It doesn’t seem fair.

Dorry: Fair or not, all that matters is this is our battleground. As on Elbaf, our god will decide who is righteous and is worthy of winning both the duel and his life. Gyagyagyagya! We have fought for a century! Yet, Elbaf as yet to choose the champion! Gyagyagyagya!!

Andy: You guys have been fighting for over 100 years!?!

Dorry: For you Sirians and Mobians, 100 years may seem like a long time but are lifetimes are three times as long! Gyagyagyagyagya!

Vivi: Even with all the time in the world, your desire would wane after 100 years of the same battle. At this point, is there real animosity left between you two? Or are you fighting to fight!?


We find Cory dragging his giant catch back to the ship with some tough vines.

Cory: Well I think there’s little risk that I’d be outdone by Sean with this one. I almost feel sorry for him. With this slab of meat, he doesn’t stand a chance!

Now with Sean dragging his catch with his own strength.

Sean: I beat him. With this haul, Cory doesn’t have a chance of winning.

Then, they meet at a cross path.

Cory: Hey, Sean.

Sean: Hey, Cory.

Cory: Heh….

Sean: Heh…

Sean and Cory: I’m the winner! Rgh…. YOU’VE LOST!!! DAMMIT!!!

They resolve this by putting them side by side.

Cory: Looks, as you can see my catch is bigger!

Sean: Moron! This competition is about weight! How much meat you bring in! Not the length of the beast! Mine is obvious way beefier than your’s!

Cory: Hah! Who cares about how husky your dinosaur is! It’s the amount that can be cooked. That thing is all bones there. You’re carrying 4 pounds of meat there.

Sean: That thing you’re lugging around is nothing but skin!

Cory: Well this is pathetic, I’m not going to waste my time arguing with you. Tell you what, I’ll go capture another beast just to shut you up.

Sean: Yeah well if you’re going to go find a different one, so will I. I won’t let you cheat me out of my way because of a dumb technicality.

Then, we find a volcano erupting smoke once again.

Cory: Alright, the next eruption from that volcano will signal the end of the competition, you have till then to secure your prey and turn to the Blue Typhoon.

Sean: Agreed, you’re on.

Andy: Whoa…!

Sonic: That’s some volcano, huh?

Dorry: Alright… It’s time to get going.

Sonic: Hm?

Sonic spots Dorry’s tenacity in his eyes.

Sonic: ….!

Back at Broggy’s….

Amy: What was that!?

Everyone was eating until the volcano erupted.

Steve: An eruption?

Broggy throws his meat in the fire.

Steve: Huh?

Justin and Mark: Hm?

Amy and the others: !?!

Broggy has a similar look as Dorry’s.

Justin: Those eyes…! He seems angry…!

Broggy: Please forgive me. There is something I must attend to.

Nami: What? You’re leaving?

Broggy: No choice. That’s the signal my opponent and I use to mark the beginning of our battle.

Nami: A battle?

Steve: With who?? Where? And importantly why??

Broggy: Why!? I don’t remember! GYABABABABABABAH!!!

Steve: ….!

Justin and Mark: …..!!

Back to Dorry…

Dorry: And before we realized…It became our routine. That volcano was our marker, whenever it spits, we began.

Vivi: It’s senseless! How could you have so much hatred for someone that you fight them for a century!? How could’ve happened to make you this mad!?

Kyo: Vivi, there’s nothing we can do. It’s about not hatred. Trust me.

Vivi: …!

Dorry is armed with his sword and shield. We see Broggy coming in from a distance.

Dorry: The Samurai’s right. This is something natural for him. This is about honor!

The two giants charge towards each other. Broggy is armed with his axe and shield.


Dorry: I have forgotten….!!!



A shockwave is seen even outside the entire island.

Kyo: …!!!!

Vivi: …!!!

Caroo: ….!!!!

Andy: Whoaa…!!!

Sonic: This fight…it’s incredible!

We now go to another location on the island where a strange, white house is seen in the middle of the jungle. A dinosaur finds this house and approaches it.

Dinosaur 1: Rrrgghh….!!! RRRRROOOOOAAAAHH!!!


The house doesn’t receive a single scratch. Its teeth then shatters.

Dinosaur 1: !!?!

Mr. 5: Hey! You done here!? Then get out of the way!

We see Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine make their unexpected return.

Dinosaur 1: RGGHH?? ROOOAAAAHH!!!

The angered dinosaur charges towards the Mr. 5 pair.

Ms. Valentine: I can handle this. Kyahahaha! **jumps up** 10,000 Kilogram Press!!!


She crushes the dinosaur’s skull and drives the beast into the ground with such power. They then proceed to the house and enter.

Mr. 3: Oh, hello, Mr. 5.

Mr. 3 is at the table drinking tea.

Mr. 5: Hmph, I’m impressed by the décor. Talent of even turning the most savage environment into a home. I admire you which I was why I feel obligated to remind you two that this is our mission and our’s alone.

Ms. Valentine: Rest assured. We won’t slip up like last time.

Mr. 3: Slip up?

Mr. 5: Nggh…

Mr. 3: That’s not what I heard. Mr. 5, Ms. Valentine, the simple matter of fact is that you are both weak. **sips tea** Well, at least you’re on time unlike Mr. 6 and Ms. Mother’s Day.

Mr. 5 pair: ……

Mr. 3: Mm…Don’t waste your time pouting. It is what it is. Take a look at this…

He shows the two an old bounty poster of Dorry and Broggy.

Mr. 3: I would like to thank you both forming me an excuse to come to this island. I’ll enjoy the opportunity to hunt some truly BIG game. Mmhmhmhm!

Mr. 5 (reads it): Dorry the Blue Orge and Broggy the Red Orge of the Giant Warrior Pirates.

Ms. Valentine: Everyone’s heard of them. It’s ancient legend! Hey, this poster’s over 100 years old.

Mr. 3: Well those two legends are alive and well on this very island, battling over a century now. Back when that poster was new, the bounty was 100 million killies a piece so 200 million for both of them.

Mr. 5: 200 million killies is some big catch but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re Giants.

Mr. 3: There’s a wise saying, superior criminals are those who execute with superior intellect. All you have to do is follow every one of my precious instructions. For the smidgen of forth autumn, perseverance, you can find the solution for even the most gargantuan of obstacles.  

--To be continued….

Commish Rules (PLEASE READ!)

H-525 Commission Rules (Updated 2/22/15) by Hawke525

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