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Sean Tetsuji Tamura
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love crossing over my favorite anime, games, and all other media, including my own cartoons.

3DS Friend Code: 0903 2746 4625

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Sonic Channel Wallpaper (Old Style)
Request: Alix by Hawke525
COMM: Mindorin Hairret by Hawke525
REQ: Mirage by Hawke525
Pencil-Sketchy look that Sonic Channel had.
Sonic Channel Wallpaper (New Style)
REQ: Randal by Hawke525
COMM: Jiza by Hawke525
COMM: Spark by Hawke525
The more modern version of the Sonic Channel wallpaper.
Sonic Battle style Comm.
COMM: Tails Doll by Hawke525
COMM: Oddbrother by Hawke525
COMM:  Albina (SB) by Hawke525
Sonic Battle style that Sonic fans love with a simple background. 

Chibi Style
Chibi Sean by Hawke525
Chibi Andy by Hawke525
Chibi Sonic by Hawke525
Features no background. Additional characters will be 250 points (goes into donations with note "additional chibi characters"). 

I will cover humans AND anthros. OC/Fan characters and Fan art stuff (Sonic and friends; One Piece; etc..) just like other commissions. 
Hype Style
Smash Art: Mario by Hawke525
Smash Art: Sonic by Hawke525
Smash Art: Mega Man by Hawke525
Similar to Mario Strikers, Street Fighter IV, and even a bit of Wind Waker. Features white background and my logo. 


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I got some errands to take care of so no livestreaming today sorry doods. Hopefully be back on next Sunday to stream at 2pm PST. 

Sean, out
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I opened a store of shirts here on TeePublic…

I got two new shirts of Pikachu and Mario!

Please check it out if you want a shirt for a decent price. 

Sean, out
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I got some errands to take care of so no livestreaming today sorry doods. Hopefully be back on next Sunday to stream at 2pm PST. 

Sean, out
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Sonic XF Episode 212: “A Grand Duel! Andy vs. Sean!”

After the identities of Mr. 8 and Ms. Wednesday had been compromised, Igaram continues firing his weapons at the Mr. 5 pair.

Sean: Great. I gotta find a way to pick Kyo up.

Igaram: Vivi!! You must escape now!!

Vivi: IGARAM!!!

Mr. 5 is able to somewhat rub off the explosive attacks and launches something small at Igaram.


Vivi: !!!?!

Mr. 9: !!!?!

Igaram is rendered motionless after that powerful explosion; he then falls to the ground.


Ms. Valentine (off-screen): Don’t bother!

Ms. Valentine somehow floats in the air with her umbrella.

Ms. Valentine: Kyahahahah!

She comes down and delivers a kick. Vivi ducks down but loses her hair band. Vivi takes out her Peacock Slasher from her chest and tries to fight back. But Ms. Valentine simply floats back to avoid her.

Ms. Valentine: Kyaahahahaha haha!

She lands back to her partner.

Vivi: Dirty monsters!!

Mr. 9 (bowing): You’re really a real princess, Ms. Wednesday!?! My god…!!!

Vivi (comically mad): A very busy princess right now, Mr. 9!!!

Sean suddenly carries Kyo and makes a B-line for it.

Sean: Well I’m outta here!

Igaram: Princess Vivi…!!

Vivi: Igaram! You’re hurt!

Igaram: Vivi, please…! Forget about me! You must get away from here! For…our homeland!

Vivi: ….!!!

Igaram: If you were to be harmed, Alabasta will suffer! Please, you must hurry!

Then, Mr. 5 picks his nose.

Mr. 5: If you think you can escape from us, you’re mistaken.

Vivi takes another Peacock Slasher and duel-wields them.

Vivi: Let’s see if you can take me!!


Mr. 9: …

Mr. 9 stands in front of Vivi with his one bat.

Mr. 9: This whole princess thing is really confusing…but we’ve been fighting together for a long time so get going!! I’m gonna buy you some time for a head start!

Vivi: Thank you, Mr. 9…!

Mr. 9: Pretty brave of me, don’t ya think? Bye bye, baby!!!

Mr. 9 dashes towards the Mr. 5 pair.

Mr. 9: I hope you’re prepare for my acrobatics!!!! **backflips rapidly**

Vivi: Mr. 9!!!

Mr. 5 (picks out booger): All that is asked of us agents is to do our jobs and to do them well. Forming pathetic friendships is for the weak, it’s time that you learned that! Nose Fancy…!!!


Mr. 5: ….CANNON!!!


Mr. 9 gets sent flying into the water past Vivi.

Vivi: !!!!... Mr. 9!!!

Sean is seen in the alleyway.

Sean: Wait hold on a sec! Did that just come out of his nose!?!

Igaram regains consciousness and grabs Sean’s ankle.

Sean: !?!... What’re you doing!?!

Igaram: Swordsman! I have an unreasonable quest! But I need someone with strength such as your’s!

Sean: Oh you gotta kidding me! Let go!

Igaram: Both of those villains possess Devil Fruit powers! And there’s nothing I can do to stop them! That’s why I’m begging you now! Please protect Princess Vivi of Alabasta in my place!

Sean: Let go!

Igaram: Please!

Meanwhile Vivi is on the run with Caroo.

Vivi: We have to go faster, Karoo!

Karoo: QUAH!

Mr. 5: She won’t get far! Let’s go!

Ms. Valentine: Right!

Igaram: If you can deliver the Princess safely to our noble home! I’m just a humble servant that’s begging you to do this! Please protect the princess! I beg you!

Sean: ……

Nami: Now about this reward…

Sean and Igaram: Huh??

Nami sits on a roof somewhere above Sean and Igaram.

Nami: I’ll take it. Alright? How does a billion killies sound?

Sean: Nami??

Igaram: Huh!?! What did you say!?! AHEM!!! MAH MAH MAAAH!!

Sean: I thought you were asleep!

Nami: Give me some credit! **comes down** Who would do such a thing? It was all an act, a charade. “Oh I can’t drink anymore.”

Sean: Tch! Whatever!

Igaram: Mah mah maaaah!!

Nami: So why don’t you go ahead and promise us that one billion killi reward, huh? Captain? She’s probably gonna die if you don’t.

Igaram: I’m just a simple soldier I cannot promise such an immense reward!

Nami (sits down): Hm, sure you aren’t suggesting your princess’s life is worth less than that?

Igaram: !?!

Nami: Right?

Sean: Nami, stop it! There’s no need to--!

Igaram: I can’t promise that but if you’re willing to do so take it up directly with the princess!

Nami: Which means I have to save her first, huh?

Igaram: Please understand! Her life is in danger!

Nami: Hah oh alright. I’ll go save your darling princess for now.

Igaram: !!

Sean: Hmph….

Nami: Well, Sean?? Go get her!!

Sean (comically mad): Wait what!!?!

Nami: It’ll benefit for all of us!

Sean (comically mad): Do you expect me to believe in that crap!!?! Don’t boss me around like you do to that idiot cook!!

Nami: What? Afraid to lose or something!?!

Sean (comically mad): THAT’S NOT IT!!! DON’T MAKE INVOLVE GREED IN THIS!!!

Nami: You need to owe me anyway.

Sean: Wait what!!?!

Nami: Remember that time you borrowed money from me?

Sean: Yeah, and I didn’t buy anything at the end of the day so I gave it back to you!

Nami: You agreed that you pay 300% interest.

Sean: Are you serious with that stupid bullcrap!!?!

Nami: But you made a promise!

Sean: I gave you the money on that same day. You can’t expect interest!

Nami: You know what Sean? You just can’t keep a promise for a girl, can’t you?

Sean (comically stiff): GGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Nami: Just do this and we’ll call it even, okay?

Sean: You’re going to die a horrible death someday, you cat!

Nami: Hm, I might fall straight to hell.

Sean: That’s not funny!! GRGH!! DAMMIT!!! **runs out**

Nami: Hahaha! Thanks, Sean!!


Igaram: I have shamed…!!

Nami: Hm?

Igaram: If only I was stronger I could’ve protected her! She deserves that!

Nami: She’ll be fine. He looks stupid but he’s hella strong.

Igaram: If anything were to happen to Princess Vivi…The kingdom of Alabasta….it would be done for…!!!

Nami: Huh….!?!

Igaram: She must escape! She has to live!

Vivi: RUN, KAROO! RUN QUICKLY! There’s a ship docked behind the Cactus Rocks! We’re going to take it and escape from this place! Then we’ll be on our way to Alabasta!!


Andy: Hmmm???

Andy is half-awake and wonders around the streets.

Andy: Hmmm…..




We see the bounty hunters that Sean has taken down.


Karoo: RAAAH!!


Vivi: STOP!

Karoo: WAH!

Through the cloud is Mr. 5…

Vivi: Oh no, it’s Mr. 5! They found us. Hurry, Karoo!

Karoo: WAAAAH!!!

Ms. Valentine: Kyaahahahah haha!

Mr. 5: Kinda cute that she’s trying.

Then, Ms. Monday appears for the corner. Vivi and Karoo stop…

Vivi: Ms. Monday!?

Ms. Monday: Go on, you can reach to the ships from here! I’ll stay here and hold off those two.

Vivi: You sure?

Ms. Monday is holding a large cut of log.

Ms. Monday: After losing to that boy, we’re all going to be punished by the boss anyway. At least if I do that, I can go down while protecting a friend.

Vivi: …..!!!!

Ms. Monday: Hah… What are you waiting around for!? GO! Mr. 8 and Mr. 9’s sacrifices would in vain if you are kill or captured!

Vivi: …..!!!.. Thank you…!

Karoo: WAH!

Vivi and Karoo run for it while Ms. Monday makes her stand.

Mr. 5: First, Mr. 9 defected, and now you. Tsk tsk, Ms. Monday.

Ms. Monday: I’m not going to let you pass! Because I made a promise to a friend!

Ms. Valentine: Kyaahahahaha! That’s adorable!

Mr. 5 comes dashing after rolling up one sleeve.


Ms. Monday jabs her log forward and Mr. 5 evades it.

Ms. Monday: !!?!


He performs a clothesline…

Mr. 5: In the name of Baroque Works!!!


Vivi: !!!?!

The two stop and turn back.

Vivi: !!!!...No…Ms. Monday…! How could they…!?! Rrrgghh….!

Mr. 5: Muhahahaha! That’s why they call me the Bomb Man. You see my attacks become explosive, any part of my body is a bomb thanks to the Bomb Bomb Fruit. Haven’t failed a single mission given to me.

Vivi: Hhhrrghhh…!

Ms. Valentine: Kyaahahahaha!

Vivi: !?!

Ms. Valentine is floating in the sky once again.

Ms. Valentine: And thanks to the Kilo Kilo fruit power that I possess, I can my weight to whatever I desire without any physical change! I’m light enough to float up like this! But I think it’s time to gain weight! 5 kilograms! 10! 50! 100! 500! 1000! 10,000 Kilogram Press!!!


She presses into Ms. Monday.

Vivi: !!!!!

Ms. Valentine: So, do you really think that you can escape from us!?

Mr. 5: You don’t have a single chance of getting out of here alive!

Vivi: …..!!!!

She begins to bite her lip…

Vivi: I have to survive, I will escape. I will make it back home, to Alabasta Kingdom!

Mr. 5: Tch…. **picks nose**

Sean (running): ….


Sean leaps in front of Vivi with his blade out, the booger gets cut in half the explosion happens away from Vivi.

Vivi: Mr. Bushido!!


Vivi: That could’ve been…me…!

Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine: ….

Mr. 5: Who’s this clown?

Sean: BWAGGH!! I got that booger on my blade!

Vivi: DAMMIT! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!! **takes out peacock slasher** DON’T YOU EVER GIVE UP!!?!

Sean cuts the slasher and points his sword at Vivi.

Vivi: !!?!

Sean: I’m here to help. So just calm down.

Vivi: What?? You’re helping me??

Mr. 5: Huh….

Meanwhile, back at Nami and Igaram.

Nami: Tell me. Baroque Works, what is this company exactly?

Igaram: Rgghh…

Nami: …

Igaram: ….A secret crime syndicate.

Nami: …!

Igaram: It specializes in assassinations, espionage and bounty hunting.

Kyo: ……???

Kyo begins to wake up.

Nami: Oh, Kyo! You’re awake.

Kyo: Wha? Nami-san? Why are we outside?

Nami: Long story. I’ll explain later.

Igaram: Baroque Works is so secretive none of its members know the boss’s name or face. But they still do anything for him, however he commands them to.

Nami: Hm…

Kyo: ….!?

Kyo: Why would someone with a rational mind follow a boss they never see?

Nami: Good question.

Igaram: They are promise a high place in society if they perform their duties well. You see agents are ranked with numbers, the lower the number, the higher that rank is. Also, the more powerful they are. They are also closer to said promise.

Nami: That makes sense, I guess.

Igaram: The agents from 5 and above are especially powerful.

Back to Sean....

Ms. Valentine: I take it that you’re the swordsman that beat up all of the employees here.

Mr. 5: Why would protect the Princess of Alabasta?

Sean: Listen, that’s none of your concerns. I got my own reasons.

Mr. 5: Well, one way or another, we’ll gonna have to eliminate you, kid. You are in our way, plain and simple.

Ms. Valentine: Kyahahahah! This kid sure wants to die soon.

Mr. 5: Heheheheh…!

Sean: …

Then suddenly….

Andy (off-screen): I FOUND YOU!!!!

Vivi: !!?!

Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine: Huh?

Andy: SEAN!!!!

Andy is found standing behind the Mr. 5 pair from a distance.

Ms. Valentine: Oh what is it now??

Sean: Andy! Thanks for coming but I got this one.

Andy is breathing hard with rage for some odd reason.

Sean: Hm?


Sean: Wha?? **comically confused** HUH!!!?! What kind of nonsense you got in your skull this time!?

Andy: Shut and get ready!! Cause I’m about to kick your ungrateful little ass!!!

Sean: Ungrateful!?!

Andy: That’s right!!


Andy has a dying man in his arms…

Andy: What happened!?! Who did this to you!?!

Bounty Hunter M: It was that friend of your’s, the swordsman with the red sword!

Andy: Sean!?!

**flashback ends**

Andy: Everyone here was nothing but kind to us! They welcomed us and threw a party! They gave us food for crying out loud!! AND YOU PAID THEM BY CUTTING ALL UP!!?!

Sean (comically stiff): !!?!

Andy: With that big sword of your’s!!!

Sean (comically stiff): Yeah but…! There’s something you don’t know!!!

Andy: Just shut up and fight me!!!

Vivi: This guy’s just a complete idiot.

Karoo (nods): Mm.

Mr. 5: Now they’re fighting amongst themselves, how pathetic.

Ms. Valentine: Kyahahahah! If we wait long enough, maybe they’ll kill each other and we won’t have to bother with them.

Sean: Agghh….! Hold on, Andy. Can you just listen to me for just ONE SECOND!? They were actually--!

Andy: Excuses!!!

Sean (comically shocked): WAIT! NO!!!

Andy throws punch powerful enough to destroy a rock after Sean dodged it.

Sean (comically shocked): WAIT! YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME!?!

Andy: Whatever it takes!!!

Sean (comically shocked): …….!!!!

Andy (kicks): RUGH!!

Sean (dodges): DAMMIT LISTEN TO ME!!!

Andy (punches): RAH!!

Sean (dodges): He’s gone crazy! Andy! Stop this!

Andy and Sean are now locked in battle as they crash through a building.

Ms. Valentine: Well, Mr. 5. It looks like they’re too busy beating each other up to cause us any trouble.

Mr. 5: Apparently. Let’s leave those dumb brats with their fight while we take care our mission. Eliminating Princess Vivi and Alabasta Kingdom!

Then, we see Andy and Sean fighting between the princess and the agents. They crash through another building once again.

Mr. 5: Shall we, Ms. Valentine?

Ms. Valentine: Yes, Mr. 5!

Vivi: !!?!

Sean: Quit screwing around, DAMMIT!!! **kicks Andy**

Andy: AGH!!!

Andy crashes into the Mr. 5 pair and they all crash into a building.

Sean: Rgghh! That dumbass!

Vivi: !!?!

Andy is on the floor while the Mr. 5 pair is as well.

Mr. 5: Ugh…Now you and your friend have really managed to get in the way of our mission.

Ms. Valentine: What happened?? What’s going on??

Mr. 5 (gets up): Since you two want to kill each other so badly, I’ll tell you what. We’re gonna do you a favor, we’ll kill you both ourselves! Okay??

Andy: Hmph!!


Sean and Vivi: !!?!

Out from the explosion clouds is Ms. Valentine floating up in the air.

Ms. Valentine: Now I’m really mad!! Get ready to experience my Kilo Kilo power! Kyahahahaha! Prepare to be smash into a thousand tiny pieces and buried 100m into the ground!

Vivi: Mr. Bushido!! You have to get out of the way--!

Sean: Be quiet!

Vivi: !!!

Sean: I have more important things to worry about right now.

We see Mr. 5 bloodied and beaten as he is dragged out by Andy.

Andy: That was a good warm-up.

Vivi: He fought Mr. 5 and won!?! He took out one of Baroque Works’ most powerful agents!

Andy: Alright! Now let’s finish this!

Sean: Now let me explain and hear me out! Everyone who lives in Whiskey Peak is a bounty hunter, which makes all of them our enemies!

- Ms. Valentine: Here I come! I hope you’re scared right now! I can increase my weight to 10,000 kilograms, ya know?? HEY! LISTEN TO ME WHEN I’M TALKING, JACKASS!!!

Andy drops Mr. 5…

Mr. 5: Awwggh…

Andy: You’re lying!!! Enemies wouldn’t give us tasty food, would they!!?!

Ms. Valentine: Taste my 10,000 KILOGRAM PRESS!!!! KYAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sean ……

Sean still ignores her completely…

Sean: Fine then….


Ms. Valentine falls into the ground.

Sean: Looks there’s no sense in talking to your dumbass!

Andy: RRGGGH!!!

Sean (draws out Chaos Blade): You know you’re really a moron!! This time I’m not gonna hold back!! It’ll be your own fault if you die!

Andy: Sounds fine by me!!! Sounds like your past self is catching up to ya!

Sean: Hmph….!

Vivi: Just a sec! What’s going on here!!?! I thought you guys were on the same side!!

Andy and Sean get into their fighting stance.

Andy (takes out nunchaku): READY TO GET SOME!!!

Sean: ONI…!!!!

Andy: RAAAAH!!!

Sean: ..GIRI!!!!


Their attacks collide and a powerful shockwave rings out.

Andy and Sean: GRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!

Sean: Andy!! You should know better….!!!

Andy: !!?!

Sean: …about my strength!!! TATSUMAKI!!!!



Sean: !!?!

Sean gets hit by Andy’s lucky strike. Sean and Andy both crash into different buildings. And silence ensues…

Vivi: Well now what am I suppose to do?? I don’t know how safe it would be to go through there.

Karoo: Waah.

Karoo walks across the town…


Andy and Sean both burst from the buildings they crashed into.

Vivi and Karoo: AAAAAAAH!!!!



They both throw out punches and their fists collide. Andy throws another punch and Sean evades. Andy kicks and Sean ducks; Sean manages to cut Andy’s cheek and Andy lands a blow in Sean’s stomach. They keep the fight going while Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine are back to together.

Mr. 5: Damn….Those fools are making fool out of us on our own turf! In the name of Baroque Works, we would bring shame if we fail here.

Ms. Valentine: Mr. 5! We can still defeat them! We haven’t failed yet.

Mr. 5: Let’s go! Ms. Valentine!

Ms. Valentine: Right, Mr. 5!

They both charge towards Andy and Sean.

Mr. 5: You can’t be us!!! Prepare to die in the hands of Baroque Works!!!

Andy and Sean stop for a moment….

Andy and Sean: SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine (comically shocked): !!!?!

Andy and Sean (punching): YOU’RE IN THE WAY….!!!!!

Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine: !!!!!!!


Andy and Sean (punching): ….OF OUR FIGHT!!!!!

Sean punches Mr. 5 while Andy punches Ms. Valentine into the sky.

-- To be continued….

Commish Rules (PLEASE READ!)

H-525 Commission Rules (Updated 2/22/15) by Hawke525

Wanna use paypal? Please note me.



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